Yeah. This is 'wtf' worthy cough. You know you've studied too much math when.


Naruto had never been good in math.

In the academy it was his worst subject. No matter how hard he tried to improve, math just never clicked to him. Naruto knew math was logical but he also knew it just was never logical to him. I mean how can anything to the exponent zero be one. What about zero to the exponent zero? Was that also one? How was that possible? There would be nothing to get one from. Was it possible to get something from absolutely nothing?

Sasuke was always good in math. He excelled in it.

Math was by far his favorite and best subject. Math was the one subject a teacher couldn't take off marks if it was right and showed workings. English on the other hand, if a teacher didn't like your writing style or your opinion on the subject then they could nit pick at every little thing to make sure you fail, though Sasuke never had that problem. Math, he found was too logical to get wrong. If you were right then you were right, if you were wrong then you were wrong. There was right and wrong, no maybes or no second guessing yourself.

Sasuke hated second guessing himself.


Kakashi was once going through the old report cards of team seven. He found quite a few interesting thing hidden within those marks. In those marks he learned that Naruto somehow made his own logic, his own standards, his own dreams, his own morals and his own purpose. But on the other hand, he learned Sasuke's logic, standreds, morals, dreams and even purpose were not his.

Everything Sasuke was today, everything Sasuke believed in, were not his. They were the logic, morals and standards of the prestigious Uchiha clan. They were the strict rules and guidelines that his family followed. Sasuke dreams and purpose weren't his either, they belong to his older brother, Itachi.

Ever since Itachi slaughtered the clan, he has been the one in control of Sasuke future. Sasuke he knew that he must kill his brother. For his families honour. So this was why Sasuke tried not to question why Itachi had done what he did, because he was afraid if Itachi explained then he might in his own way agree with his brother. He didn't want that. Sasuke wanted to follow that rules and the path laid out for him. He wanted it to be easy. He didn't want to second guess himself.

Naruto on the other hand, grew up with no family influence at all. Everything he had was his. It was all original. He made his own morals. He decided what was right and wrong and he decided what was important.

And Kakashi sees that Naruto found the right path. He sees that Naruto took the hard way and decided his morals instead of taking them from others. He also sees Sasuke took the easy way and stuck too the life he was given and never questioned it when he knows he should.

Sasuke was more talented and reminded him of himself at that age, a genius. Naruto had gained something from nothing all on his own.

He couldn't help but be more proud of Naruto.

And then he wondered if it was a talent to gain something from nothing.

And looking at Naruto, he thought it was.