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One Cupcake over the line, Catlady

Summary: Julie's thoughts after Goldberg tries to make her fat.

I looked myself over in the mirror. I didn't see the perfect curves that Connie swears that I have. What I saw was something entirely different. It was something that sickened me to no end. It was fat. For the first time in my life, I noticed that I was fat. Why didn't I see it before? Looking at myself in the mirror, I wondered how I hadn't noticed it before.

Hell, if it weren't for Goldberg, I may have never noticed it. He was the one who turned me on to the idea that I am fat. He probably has no idea that he drove me to such lengths. Yet, it was Goldberg who gave me the sweets. He was the one who tried to make me fatter. All he made me do was see what I really am, fat. It's amazing how much an experience like that makes you think about your appearance. I wonder if he even cares about what he has done to me. Probably not. He wanted to be number one and that was all that mattered. He didn't take into consideration how this would make me feel. But what's done is done. At least that's what everyone else says.

I figured out what he was doing quickly. "One cupcake over the line, Catlady," he had told me that day at practice, while I was puking my guts out. It was later that same evening that I discovered I was fat. One look in my full length mirror and everything was clear to me. I was fat. Yet, I continued to go along with Goldberg's scheme, just for the reason of emptying my stomach by vomiting. It was the perfect way to loose the weight. No one would notice because they would see me eating every day. Besides, what could be better? I would eat anything I wanted, but I wouldn't have to pay the price later. To make things even better, Orion's tough practices made sure I got the exercise I needed to shed the pounds.

That was months ago. I've been doing the same thing every day and no one has noticed. They tell me that I look great, and ask me how I managed to loose the weight and still be able to eat. They are still clueless. The scales tell me that I have lost twenty pounds. But yet, looking in the mirror, it is clear to me. I am still fat.

I took a deep breath and looked myself over once more, before leaning over the toilet. "One cupcake over the line, Catlady." I repeated as I drove my finger down my throat. Just another days lunch coming up.

The End.

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