Hey guys! I appreciate all the love on this story, and just for that, I made a sequel, called Monopoly Wars, which will be a two-chapter fic.

Here's a little excerpt just for you guys, you'll have to go read the story for the rest!

"It's…it's beautiful," Dean said reverently, looking down at the table as if an angel from heaven was resting its cherub self on the surface. "It really makes you think that God exists."

Sam sat on the bed staring at the TV, quirking an eyebrow. "Dean? It's a Monopoly board."

"But seriously, how lucky do we get?" Dean lifted a finger and gently wiped off a trail of dust on the old, rotting Monopoly box. "We're stuck in the hotel tonight because of all the crappy rain, but I magically pull open the closet and find Monopoly!"

"Yeah, the Monopoly fairy must have made a special round just for you,"

"Turn off the sarcasm, Francis, you know you want to play," Dean settled himself at the table with a flourish, shaking out his arms in preparation. "Remember when we were kids and you got that Monopoly set for Christmas?"

"Yeah, whatever happened to that?" Sam intoned. "Oh, right, my big asshole brother took it to school and lost it on the bus."

"Actually, I didn't lose it, Monica Peterson asked for it and I gave it to her."

"What?" Sam sputtered, finally turning away from the TV to stare at his nonchalant brother, who was gently removing the lid from the box, wrinkling his nose at all the dust. "What the hell were you smoking?"

"Nothing, I was only like 13, I think I had my first cigarette when I was 15 but damn, that shit's nasty,"

"Oh, I didn't know you'd ever tried a cig—wait, shut up. Why did you give it to MONICA? And how do you still remember her name?"

"Wasn't she the chick you invited to your birthday party and she totally dissed you?" Dean gave a fond smile of remembrance at the memory. "She totally called you a grasshopper head, dude, I always thought your head looked like a grasshopper's too,"

"I hate you."

"No you don't."

"Why'd you give it to her?"

"She asked for it."

"So you gave it to her?"

"She was hot."

"So you gave it to her?"

"Obviously. Good observations."

"So if some hot chick asks for the Impala, I should give it to her?"

"Dude! You didn't even notice it was missing until you were 12!"

"You didn't answer my question."

"Because you wouldn't do that."

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