Beautiful Accident

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Ch 1- A Little Cup

I started noticing it about a week ago. I found myself extremely tired before the end of the day, falling asleep at around seven every night.I brushed it off, figuring it was from the long days at school.

I am attending the London University for Magical Healing and Nursing. Currently, at 18 years old, I am half-way through my second year of studying to become a Healer. I blamed my tiredness on the Student Healer courses I have just started taking this semester, in which I follow a mentor around St. Mungo's hospital, taking notes and aiding with small procedures three times a week.

I also work at a small library/bookstore on the corner of Jacnet and Douglass Street every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, called Noble Novels, which is where I normally am at this time on Friday's, (I took today off). It's owned by a sweet elderly couple, and the income is fairly well. Oh, and I'm engaged.

Yes, who would have thought me, Little Miss Perfect Hermione Granger would be engaged at age 18? Actually I was engaged at age 17. My fiancé? No other than Ronald Weasley. He asked me on the very last day of our 7th year at Hogwarts. I can still remember it perfectly. We had been dating for almost two years, but had loved each other for far longer than that. He took my hand, leading me away from the crowed of our fellow graduates to our favorite tree, a little ways away from the lake. He told me we didn't have to get married immediately. He didn't care how long we waited. He told me he knew he loved me and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and he knew we were a bit young to get married and that's why he thought we should have a long engagement.

I can't help but smile now as I remember how nervous he was that day. I look down at my small, beautiful diamond ring. We agreed to have a prolonged engagement, marrying when we felt the time was right. His family was thrilled. My parents on the other hand took a bit of convincing. They only accepted when I told them that this was a very long engagement and that the chances of me getting married before I turned 23 were slim to nothing. Whether or not I stay faithful to that statement or not, may reside on the other side of the bathroom door in a little cup…

We now share a small two bedroom flat, the second bedroom serving as our work area. Ron works at the Ministry in the Magical Sports and Games department. He decided against his early thought of becoming an Auror, claiming he had had enough excitement battling Voldemort and Death Eaters for six and a half years of his life. I don't blame him. After Harry finally defeated Voldemort in the middle of our seventh year, I didn't care to battle against any more evil forces myself. I think Ron's career choice suits him well. He certainly enjoys it.

Harry is now an International Seeker, playing for England. I'm so happy for him. Harry deserves to do something he loves as a living, especially after his harsh and burdened childhood. He is still dating Ginny, who finished school last year and is now at the Ministry, a journalist for The Daily Prophet, hoping to someday become top editor.

Thinking of school causes me to think about Hogwarts. I am reminded that our two-year reunion is tonight. I check the time- 3:32pm. Ron should be home at 4. Thinking of what Ron would say about that little cup in the bathroom pulls me back into my original worrying thoughts.

So yes, the first sign was fatigue which I simply brushed off. But then I missed my monthly cycle which got me thinking. This morning when I felt a little nauseous, only caused my suspicions to grow. So now I sit here on the bed Ron and I share, fingering a strand of thread along the beige quilt with shaky hands.

I nearly jump out of my skin as a soft 'ding' echoes inside the closed bathroom. Already having jumped to my feet in surprise, I slowly make my way towards the door that connects from my room to the bathroom. I push open the slightly ajar door and make my way to the counter where the small cup sits. I tentatively reach out for the Pregnancy Tester, not daring to look at it before I have to. I pick the tester up from the cup and reluctantly turn it over.

It's blue.

I'm pregnant.

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