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It was a cool, soft night, and they treated it as such, did Naruto and Neji. Sleek, supple bodies lay slack-limbed on Neji's bed, limp with the drowsy liquor of satiation. Naruto's bare, chiseled shoulder blade was crooked up on the Hyuuga's chest, molding nicely into the line of Neji's torso. The blonde sighed and shifted slightly, arching the kinks out of his back, then unstuck his thigh from Neji's and swirled pearl-white sheets around the Hyuuga's exquisitely long figure, smiling sleepily all the while. Neji turned and brushed a soft kiss across Naruto's mouth, lips twisting amusedly as Naruto drew back and sneezed. The blonde looked up, violet-blue eyes misted over with languid curiosity.

"What are you thinking about?" He slurred somnolently. Neji laughed low in his throat, then ran a slender finger down the bridge of Naruto's nose.

"If I told you, you'd leave me for good." He retaliated teasingly. This drew the blonde up on one elbow as Naruto's interest quickly sparked.

"Really? Try me." He probed. Neji's smile was more of a warping of his mouth.

"Well I shan't spoil your untrained ears with the rather grisly details…"

"Come on. Pleeeeezzee?" Naruto's eyes were luminous in the moonlight streaming in from the window.

"Rather nasty, indecent, or nastily indecent thoughts, I suppose…." The Hyuuga trailed off casually. After a moment of shocked silence, Naruto scrunched up his face.

"EWWWW! I NEVER KNEW YOU WERE A PERV—" A hand clapped itself over the blonde's flapping mouth.

"I was joking. Now settle down, or you'll wake up the rest of the tenants in the complex." A second later, Neji abruptly pulled his hand away and scrubbed it vigorously on the nearest piece of sheet. Naruto wagged his tongue at the scandalized Hyuuga.

"Be careful now. My tongue's been in more places then one." He purred suggestively. Neji turned away and muttered something that vaguely sounded like "tongue actions" and "illegal", which enticed a laugh out of the blonde.

"Eh, don't worry about it. It's nothing compared to my hand—"

"Na-ru-to, if you want this pleasant little tryst to remain secret—" Neji moaned after recovering himself, sending the blonde into paroxysms of laughter. Naruto rolled over and nuzzled Neji's long, pale neck.

"You're so uptight, Neji, calm down." He settled for running light fingers down the Hyuuga's smooth torso, which Neji found rather stimulating.

"Actually….if you want to know the truth…I was thinking about Hizashi." The Hyuuga mused thoughtfully. The feathery sensations momentarily ceased as Naruto stiffened beside him.

"Hizashi?" Neji nodded, sweeping a crystal-cut gaze up at the ceiling.

"He sacrificed so much in the name of his brother's cause….but in the end, decided to stay with Hiashi….one doesn't see that kind of loyalty every day." Neji finished with a reminiscent edge to his voice. Naruto nodded after a moment's silence.

"Yeah…I can see the nobility in that…." He sighed. "I didn't know him personally….yeah, I'd seen him around, when I was newly made, and we'd talk once in a while, but that was it…." He trailed off.

"I'll miss him. Hizashi was the closest thing I could ever have to a real father." Neji murmured softly, one hand absently skidding back and forth along Naruto's slim waist.

"Really? Well…I suppose so….he was your caretaker after all, even though Hiashi was your true creator…." Naruto speculated. "Do you ever regret being….created?" He asked gently. A long period of silence passed as Neji pondered his answer.

"Sometimes….when I see children with their parents, I tend to wonder what it would be like to have a proper family….but then….other times, when I need my peace, I appreciate not having to go through the normal hassles that families usually experience…." He murmured vaguely. "But overall, I don't regret being created. Besides…." He tenderly licked the corner of Naruto's mouth. "I wouldn't have met you if I hadn't."

"Yes, thank you, I know I'm totally awesome…." Naruto said breezily, startling a laugh out of the Hyuuga.

They lay together as a companionable silence took the baton once more. Neji eyed Naruto askance out of one pearlescent orb, flicking a hazy gaze down the blonde's body before lingering ever so slightly on the faint discoloration that marred Naruto's chest. Guilt spawned in his veins, and Neji reached out, slowly running gentle fingers over the place where he'd delivered the fatal blow so many months ago.

"It will not disappear?" He asked, remorse glittering patently in his tone. Naruto glanced down, then executed a moue of dismissal.

"Will you stop worrying about it? What's in the past is in the past…but no, I don't think that'll ever disappear." He whispered softly, stilling Neji's wandering hand with one of his own. Opalescent eyes glimmered with a tiny spark of lingering shame.

"I'm sorry." Neji's apology was heartfelt. Lips curved up in a smile as Naruto nodded gently.

"Could have been worse…." The hand gripping Neji's started to migrate south. "Could have been lower…and then we'd both be sorry."

Neji's laugh briefly hung in the air, then wafted out the open window and was lost in the moonlight like a wisp of smoky mist.


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