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Advoiding Dark Allies is a Really Good Idea Because Getting Mugged at Knife Point or Kidnapped is Not Something A Normal Person Would Want to Happen

"She likes you! Really, she does!" Felix said to Jules on their way back from the café, it was well past midnight.

"Do you really think so?" Jules said uncertainly.

"Come now, are you telling me that you haven't realized how she was all over you?" Felix teased.

When they got to Felix's flat, Jules asked, "Will she be there tomorrow?"

Felix started laughing as he answered, "I'll make sure of it, my friend." And as he walked up the stairs he called back, "Be sure to stay away from dark allies!"

Jules groaned and continued his journey home. The dying street lights threw an orange glow as the moon light gently played on the surrounding buildings.

Jules softly hummed to himself thinking back on the night. She was absolutely beautiful, and better yet she liked him, at least according to Felix. And Felix was never wrong, mostly; ok usually, but it is good to hold onto hope.

She had silky brown hair with a tint of red in it giving a coppery effect that was stunning to look at for it held a deep contrast with her dark green eyes. Her dark red lips were soft against her fair skin. She was quiet but when he started talking to her she wouldn't stop. She was smart and funny. Sweet and innocent and yet she also had an air about her that said that she could be so much more…

Jules was avoiding the alley ways just as Felix had warned and seeing that he kept to the major streets nothing could possibly happen. Not to mention the fact that he could easily see the Aroura if it happened to chance, however that was unlikely since the Foggs and Passepartout had left this evening.

His flat was not much further, just another corner but this time he would have no choice but to pass by an alley. Usually he would give the alley a wide berth even though it attracted a bit of attention from passer bys, the attention of a stranger would be much better than getting kidnapped and tortured and who else knows what…

As it happens it was not usually that he caught the attention of a girl and it was not usually that he would like her back, since he already liked someone else. And it was not usually that he would be so obsessive about a girl.

But of course the one thing that did happen to the 'usualness' was the whole alley bit.

Jules walked around the corner, he could see the window of his flat just one more building and he would be there. Only problem was the thing between this building and his building is the little road between them. But Jules was not paying any attention. He was smiling softly to himself as he walked still thinking about the night and fantasizing about tomorrow night. Not two steps in front of the alley someone grabbed Jules by his shoulder and spun him around.

A glancing blow to his left temple and swift kick to his ribs and he was down before he had any idea to what was going on and by the time he did, it was already too late. The man had Jules pinned up to the alley floor, which by the way did not smell like flowers.

Roughly the man tied his hands together. Then he lifted Jules to a standing position before slamming him against the alley wall.

The wind was completely knocked out of him. Jules struggled to regain normal breathing patterns while the man had one hand tightly on Jules's throat while the other reached behind him and brought out a cloth. The man tightly pressed the cloth to Jules mouth and nose and ordered him to breathe.

Since there was no air in Jules starved lungs, he had very little choice in the matter. But Jules was still struggling.

"Breathe. Just breathe." The man said.

Jules twisted but the man held tighter and finally Jules took a breath. The cloth had a weird metallic smell that caught in the back of his throat making it palpable and just before the darkness took him, Jules heard the man whisper something that sounded like words.


It took them three hours to figure out that they forgot to get the incriminating photos they had come for. Therefore they had to turn around and go back to that bar in Paris; the only problem was that they do not know which bar it was Phileas was in.

"What were you thinking? We did all that work and you left the pictures in a bar?" Rebecca fumed. How idiotic can Phileas be? He only had two shots of vodka and he forgot.

"Well, I think it was perfectly clear that I was not thinking." Phileas retorted calmly, "and yelling at me will get us no where."

"How could you forget which bar? I thought you only went to one!" Rebecca said a bit less angrily.

"There was a picture of a pineapple in far left corner and then there was a sign that said 'This way to the bay'"

"Are you still drunk?"

"I was never drunk in the first place."

"Well, thanks to your antics we will have to go back and find the pictures." Rebecca was beginning to calm down, "Well at least we will have another chance to check on Jules." After the bout of "Yellow fever" Rebecca was strangely protective of Jules to the point of obsession. "Maybe he'll know which bar you are talking about."

It was well past midnight when they returned to Paris and they directly went to Jules's flat.


He had to hurry. There were people coming this way and although that it was a late hour the moon light could easily give him away.

He had to hurry. This was his last chance to save himself. If he screwed this up, there would be hell to pay.

Okay. Okay. Focus. Calm down, deep breath.

He was ready. The man slung the unconscious boy over his shoulder and in a fireman's carry he ran as quickly and silently as he could down the alley, too bad he didn't see the cat in his haste to keep quite and the cat let off a shriek when he stepped on it's tail. Stupid cat!

He could hear the voices now, but he did not glance back and gave up the stealth thing and ran as quickly as he could with the boy and jumped into a waiting carriage.

"Go! Go! Go!" he yelled to the driver.


Rebecca, Phileas, and Passepartout turned the corner and they could see Jules's flat, as they neared the alley way Phileas said, "Hey, an alley. You know I do not think Jules should live so close to one."

"You're drunk." Rebecca said.

"O fine, I'll be quite…" a shriek disrupted the quite night.

"That sound like a cat, master." Passepartout said and looked down the alley.

There was a figure carrying a man at the far end of the alley was and he was running towards a waiting carriage. As he jumped into the carriage they heard a shout and the carriage took off.

"What a strange man." Phileas said.

"I thought you said you would be quite." Rebecca said distractedly. The first comment Phileas made was still on her mind and she became worried. What if the man was carrying Jules?

Rebecca practically flew to Jules's flat and she opened the door without any kind of announcement.

Crap. There was no one here. She ran to the window and shouted down to Phileas and Passepartout, "He's not here!"

Phileas and Passepartout ran down the alley and Rebecca did her best to catch up.

The carriage was turning left about forty feet away. There was no way to keep up with it but they ran after it any way.