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Luc had turned away for a second and now the gentleman was gone. That's not good.

"Mathieu, check out the back. Tristan, go check on the kid." Luc ordered and went towards the entrance no one was getting out if he could help it.


The men were at their place when Phileas climbed down from the crates. He figured that he had very little time before they would find him.

There was not much he could do for Verne. Phileas touched Verne's shoulder, trying to gently wake him. Verne whimpered and tried to move away from Phileas's touch.

"Verne, quickly before they see us." Phileas said as he took Jules's arm and hooked it over his shoulder.


"Yes, that's right." Phileas said as if this happened every day and started to lead Jules out of the warehouse.

Jules moved willingly but not as quickly as Phileas would have wanted. Someone was coming, down the next isle.

Phileas placed Jules on the ground as gently as he could and climbed up onto the crates again.


Tristan was glad that Luc had told him to check on the kid. He now had the chance to really show the kid what it was like if someone messed with him and his girl.

Tristan walked up the isle that would lead to Jules. He was submerged in his plans, thinking up things to do that would be extremely painful. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even realize that something was wrong until Phileas jumped down from the creates and expertly pinned him to the floor.


Either I'm getting better at this or they're getting worse.

Phileas quickly took care of the man he had down with a swift and final slam. The man didn't even make a sound. Which was good, considering the situation.

Alright back to Verne. Phileas strung Jules's arm over his shoulder again and walked towards the entrance.


Mathieu was confused, he was supposed to be in the back, but why was he suppose to do that. There was nothing back there. The guy that broke in wouldn't be in the back. He was probably here for the kid. So why would Luc send him to the back of the warehouse.

He didn't have an answer, only a bunch of assumptions that only made half of the sense that they were. Mathieu checked out the back of the warehouse and now he was bored, just like he thought. There was no one here. Wait! What was that? There were little noises coming from behind him.

Mathieu swung around. Oh, it was just Fluffy and Frisky; they were the mice he named and fed two days ago. Poor things looked ready to die, but now they were scared. Last time they were petrified. So this is an improvement!

Maybe he should go back to the front of the warehouse or maybe he should go make sure that Luc didn't kill the kid.

Mathieu walked towards the entrance thinking it would be good to drop by on Tristan on the way to Luc.

Mathieu found Tristan on the floor.

"Luc!" that was the only thing that Mathieu could think of doing.


Luc was pacing the front entrance when he heard Mathieu shout his name. by the sound of it something happened that was beyond Mathieu's control.

Luc grabbed the crow bar he had and started running towards Mathieu.

He got about ten feet when he saw the gentleman and his ticket out of debt.

Luc made up his mind.

Mathieu could wait. Tristan would be fine. But if they didn't have the kid, they would all be dead.


Phileas didn't have any where to run. He couldn't not with Jules practically dead on his feet. The only reasonable thing to do was to put Jules down. So he did. Jules was half awake and could barely stand so Phileas leaned Jules against one of the many crates.

Does that guy have a crow bar?

He can't leave Jules here alone, and he can't just stand here. Phileas stood his ground. Luc came brailing down the corridor of crates.

What if I just...?

Phileas calmly stepped out of the way just as Luc was about to plow into him.

That was a mistake as Luc kept going, ignoring Phileas completely and grabbed Jules.

Phileas cursed himself for something he could have never known.

Luc held Jules like a human shield, Luc's crow bar across Jules's throat, pressuring when Jules did not comply.

"Do you have the photographs?" Luc asked.

"We do have them and we did what you told us to do." Phileas answered. What a turn of events!

"Then why are you here?"

"Do not think ill of me. I just trust you as far as I can throw you. And I care about my friend enough to at least know where he is."

"Give me the photographs and I'll give you the kid."



Mathieu couldn't stay there any longer. Tristan wasn't dead, just out cold.

Mathieu stood and started for Luc, there was still the matter of the gentleman to consider.

Not fifteen feet later Mathieu came to an odd scene being played out in front of him.

Luc was holding the kid hostage. The gentleman, assuming that he was Fogg, stood stalk still.

Neither saw him. Good. Mathieu pulled out his pocket knife and walked up to Fogg.

Holding the point to Fogg's back he said, "Do not move."


Bloody hell! Things just keep getting better, don't they?

Phileas did what the voice told him to. A hand searched him and disarmed him. Then the same hand moved him towards the crates and held him there.


"Luc, what now?" Mathieu said.

"Tie him up!"

"Right" Mathieu glanced around, "I don't have anything."

Luc sighed and pushed Jules to the floor, "If you even move a muscle, I will personally make sure that you will never see the light of day again."

Luc went to a crate and pulled out a rope. Aren't these crates convenient!

"Here" Luc said and went back over to Jules, "Where's Tristan?"

Mathieu tied Fogg's hands together, checking the tightness, "Out, completely."

"I'm fine, Mat" Tristan said, "I just have a headache."

Mathieu sat Fogg down on the other side of their small clearing and continued to bind his legs. This one could be trouble.

"What in the world possessed you to do this? We would have given your friend back." Luc said.

"I was just in the neighborhood and I saw this place, run down as it was my curiosity got the best of me." Half-truths were always the best lies.

Mathieu nodded and Luc started but Tristan looked like this was the best news ever.

Tristan had an idea. It was a great idea. Probably the best idea ever, well the best one he ever had at least.

If they have Fogg, then they would have two hostages for the photographs. And that means that one of them were expendable. There was only one that they needed but the other one would be fair game.

Finally, Tristan can have Jules without any intervention from Mathieu or Luc. He quickly conveyed his idea to Mathieu and Luc in hushed tones, but Luc did not want any part of it.

Luc still believed that they would need both of them in the future. Now they have leverage. They could afford mistakes just in case anything went wrong, but not if Tristan kills Jules.

"Tristan, why don't you go to the Hotel and see if they have the photographs there yet?" Luc asked looking out the window; the sun would surely set within the hour.

"Alright, Luc" Tristan agreed but he had another plan.

"Mathieu! Come here I need to speak with you."

Mathieu practically jumped up and flew over to Tristan, sometimes Mat had too much energy.

"Mathieu, I need a favor."


The Hotel Del Rio was a charming place but it lacked hiding places.

Blending in seemed to work okay, but only if the people that one was trying to follow would not recognize one. That was still unknown.

Passepartout dressed as a bell boy, not a bad one at that in his red coat and black trousers he looked pro moving from one person to another as if he had done this all his life and earning himself a new chocolate making machine at same time. Passépartout watched the front entrance as Rebecca took a new position in the front desk.

They had been here for hours, it was almost sun set and Phileas had not retuned yet. Rebecca wasn't sure if she should be worried or angry. What was keeping him? He should have covered all of Paris by now.

Oh look, another customer. He had gorgeous dirty blond hair.

"Hello. How can I help you today, sir?" she said the line she had been using as a greeting for the last four hours.

"Yes, my name is Jacques Smith. I think you might have something here for me."

Rebecca looked at the guy. So this was the man that was behind it all. She motioned for Passpeartout and said to the man as calmly as she possibly could, "Why yes, we do have something left here for you. Just follow this man to receive your package."

The man nodded and did as she said.

When the man followed Passepartout into the hallway that they had discussed earlier Rebecca got up from her position and went after them.


Passepartout led the man into the hallway and after a good ten feet, Passpartout suddenly turned and stuck the man squarely in the jaw.

Miss Rebecca came and slammed the man into the wall and Passepartout held him there.

"Where did you take our friend?"

"He's at the warehouse down the road."

Damn! Why did he give in so easily? It would have been nice to bring some pain into his life.

"Take us there. And do not try anything." Rebecca commanded.


Tristan really hated lying to Luc but this was one of those things.

Mathieu had told Luc that he would take Jules to the other side of the warehouse and watch him there while Luc would guard Fogg. This way they would be in constant fear for each other. Really the logic in that was a bit hard to fight so Luc agreed.

Mathieu had brought Jules over to him and then left for the hotel.

Now it was just him and Jules.

That was good because Jules deserved everything that was about to happen to him.

Last night:

"Tristan, why don't you go jump off a bridge?" Monique said, but he knew she was kidding, she had to be…

"I would do anything that would make you happy, and if that would suffice then I will." Tristan said over dramatically.

Monique laughed and infectiously smiled. Tristan truly would do anything to make her happy because nothing would make him happier. Tristan and Monique were not officially together but Tristan thought that they would be soon. She was perfect for him.

They walked to the café they were suppose to meet some friends at and sat next to a bunch of college kids.

They were young and seemingly friendly. In their own way they filled the entire café. Tristan had left to use the bathroom and when he came back their friends were there. Tristan had been so busy with everything that was suppose to go down that night that he didn't notice that he had left Monique alone for at least a few hours.

When he went to check on her, Monique was talking with this boy, about twenty, with brown curly hair. He had a deep voice that was calming and a certain atmosphere that was hard to place about him.

He was flirting with Monique! Monique smiled politely but Tristan knew that it was fake.

Tristan was about to confront the kid when Luc took his shoulder and told him it was time to go. So Tristan left, too angry to tell Monique that he would go. Glancing back on his way out he saw the kid kiss her, but there were things to do, the kiss could be put off. That kid is as good as dead.


Phileas watched as they took Jules away. he had the overwhelming desire to throttle each and everyone of them but under the current circumstances it would be hard.

"What are you going to do to him?" Phileas asked, seemingly nonchalantly.

Luc smiled and taking out his own knife he sat down across from Phileas.


Jules had no idea what was going on. But he felt better now. After a while one just got used to the pain.

Jules sat up to find that his hands were once again tied behind his back. He looked around and saw Tristan leaning against the wall.

Jules looked at him but he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. Jules tried to loosen the ropes but that didn't work and when he tried to stand up, Tristan came over and pushed him down.

"No you don't kid" Tristan said, "No one messes with my girl and gets away with it."

Jules just stared at him. He had never seen Tristan until today, but the guy seemed to have a huge problem with him.

"What do you mean? I've never even seen you before." Jules stated.

"Wrong kid." Tristan said, he walked over to a bag and rummaged around coming out with a knife, "You remember last night, don't you? That girl you were talking to, she's mine."

"I can hardly believe that she would date scum." Who said that! Oh, that was him, he was spending way too much time Fogg.

"You little..." Tristan kicked Jules in his already damaged ribs, "…bastard!"

Jules coughed up blood and spat it at Tristan's shoes, the best he could do at the moment. But it would be hell if he just let Tristan do what he wanted, especially if Tristan had no reason to be angry with him.

Tristan growled and dragged Jules up by his collar. Holding Jules against the wall Tristan held the knife to Jules's throat.


Rebecca, Passepartout, and Mathieu took a carriage to the warehouse. All the way Mathieu seemed like he really wanted to get back, not get away. Odd

"If anything has happened to our friend you will pay." Rebecca threatened.

Mathieu looked terrified by this, and Rebecca smiled inside.


Mathieu led them into the warehouse and decided that it would be best to bring them to Luc.

When he got there, Luc and Fogg were sitting still on the floor.

Rebecca did not rush forward or do anything that Mathieu would have expected.

She took out her pistol and pushing it against Mathieu's temple and ordered, "Put down your weapons and unite him."

Luc did what Rebecca told him to. No choice. Gun to his friend's head? Nope, no questioning her at all.

Rebecca and Passepartout tied up Mathieu and Luc while Phileas watched.

"Where did you take Jules?" Phileas asked, once again seemingly without emotion.

"Hes with Tristan, and you should hurry. Tristan isn't very happy." Mathieu replied


"What gave you the right to talk to my girl?" Tristan questioned.

Jules didn't know if that was rhetoric or not. So he chose not to answer and said, "I do not think that she belongs to anyone, she can talk to whoever she wants to. She is old enough."

"That does not answer my question, what gave you the right?" Tristan really wanted to know the answer. What little trick did he use to talk to Monique? The thought angered him, he tricked her! How could he?

"Look, I did not go up to her, she talked to me first." Jules said defensively.

"Stop lying and tell me why!" Tristan said, anger flowing though his whole body. The pressure he put on the knife was much more than he wanted to and blood started to leak from the line he had made, but Jules stuck to his first statement.

"She wouldn't kiss you. She wouldn't do that!" Tristan said. That's it. Tristan couldn't take the lies anymore.

Monique wouldn't do this to him, the only possible reason that any of this could happen is if the kid did it. He forced himself to her!

Tristan suddenly removed the knife at Jules's throat and let the kid slump forward before backhanding him with the knife. Blood poured from the gash on the kid's forehead. That only fueled his anger.

The kid fell back against the wall and tried to escape. Tristan quickly grabbed his shoulder and gave him a upper cut before Jules went down.

Tristan pulled the kid back to a standing using the kid's hair. Tristan couldn't take the kid's face for another second. He pushed his knife into Jules's stomach and twisted it. Jules's face similarly twisted itself showing pain.

Good now the kid knows what he felt last night.

Tristan pulled out the knife slowly. He wanted to make sure the kid could feel the pain he went though. And remembering last night he felt renewed pain in his heart. Deep inside his heart, it felt as if it had shattered. He wanted to shatter the kid's heart.


Phileas, Rebecca, and Passepartout ran to the other side of the warehouse. It could not have taken more than a minute, but a lot of things can happen in sixty seconds.

They reached the small room Mathieu told them to go to and threw open the door.


Tristan plunged the knife into the kid's chest, hoping that the knife had hit its mark, Tristan once again twisted it.

Tristan let the kid fall this time watching.


Phileas and Rebecca acted on instinct and tackled Tristan to the ground. Phileas motioned Passepartout to hold him there as Rebecca went to Jules.

Blood drenched his front shirt and he was struggling to breathe; gulping in breaths in between the bursts of blood that kept coming out of his mouth.

"Jules, you're going to be just fine." Rebecca tried to calm him down, but even she knew that was a complete lie. The knife had gone into his heart. And from the looks of it, he would bleed to death before they would even get to the front door of the warehouse.

There was nothing to do. So they watched their friend struggle for life, doing their best to comfort him.

Jules's chest heaved. There was too much blood. It kept coming from his mouth and he found some relief when someone held his head up but it didn't help much.

The blood just kept coming. Six liters is all the human body can hold and yet when watching it come out of someone there seems to be much more.

Jules couldn't breathe anymore. His body seized up and down, he was fighting but he was not going to win.

He stopped moving. Rebecca tried to find his pulse but there was none. No! This can't happen. This is not supposed to happen. Jules couldn't die here in this run down piece of shit.

Rebecca didn't cry. No she couldn't. No breaking down yet.

She screamed instead and stood up. Phileas had been right next to her the whole time. he was still next to Jules. Phileas moved in to take Rebecca's place as she moved to where Passepartout was holding Tristan.

She looked up at him accusingly, nothing but hatred in her eyes. She would have killed him there if Passepartout did not stop her; convincing her that there were more painful things that could be inflicted on him.

Tristan wasn't even listening. He was glad that the kid was dead, but he never killed anyone before. He didn't even know that he could. But the weird thing was that he liked it. He had complete control of the situation and he loved it. The kid never stood a chance.


Jules funeral was held a few days later.

Passepartout spent the last few days being completely silent. Which was strange, but he couldn't talk. Each time he tried nothing but a breath came out.

Phileas spent the last few days completely drunk. He knew that this was a temporary solution but he couldn't help it. even temporary relief was good. But when the day of the funeral came he didn't take a drink. He wanted to be sober for it but the thing was that he was hung over.

Rebecca spent the last few days mostly crying and staring off into space. She was never one to cry. She was too stong for that, but Jules's death seemed to have opened something.

She did not know why but she was no longer crying for Jules, he was in a better place. Away from all the fear and all the dangers of this world. He was at peace. Now she was crying for Phileas, for all the pain he would have to go through because Phileas would never let anything out. For Passepartout because he lost so much more than Jules that day. For the world because they would never know Jules.

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