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Chapter 14 – the battle

It all happened so quickly, if asked no one could really give a true and full account of what had happened. They only knew the result. Perhaps one person could fully know what had occurred, but even then it would be a while till anyone would be hearing that story. Faith would not be speaking for sometime according to the councils doctors.


The battlefield was chaotic, there were battles going on everywhere and everyone seemed to be in and intense fight to the death. So much was depending on them winning this fight. After the first she had thought that with so many new slayers in the world there would be no more apocalypses and with it no more mass deaths. That however seemed to be a fools hope, because as soon as the numbers and therefore the power behind the slayers increased so did it for their enemy. It was a cruel joke played on them by the powers that be. For supposedly neutral and all powerful they seemed intent on destroying her life as well as those she loved. She really didn't want to die tonight, not again.

"Hold the lines!" She heard as a battle cry from the other side of the once beautifully designed garden, now tarnished and destroyed. She glanced over and saw Willow in all her witchy glory, her hair once as red as the centre of a blazing fire now glowed enormously white. The purest kind to represent her pure heart. She was using powerful force fields to protect the injured slayers, there were already many. At least fifteen all suffering with the pains of war. It made her angry, it made her sad, it made her fight harder and as she lashed out with her swiping right fist she felt the bones of her foe crunch under the pressure. With a quick duck and a swipe of her enemies legs she had them pinned on the floor, grabbing the nearest weapon a discarded sword of an already slayed opponent she decapitated the demon with one clean swipe. The feeling of belonging and intense adrenaline pumped through her veins spurring her on. She looked around at the younger slayers, all of who were fighting with everything they had. This was what a slayer was. This is their reason to be. They were all connected, and she was proud that the girls she had met as confused teenagers with no skill and lots of strength were now this outfit of trained slayers all working as one to beat their enemy and save the world. It was this moment of thought that she realised as she saw a spear sailing through the air right towards her that would cost her her life, that one moment of hesitation that she had forever warned her trainees about that would steal away her breath. She had no time to move, she had noticed too late. She clenched her eyes shut, her jaw grit together awaiting her fate.


If asked what had happened she could not tell you one moment everything was looking up even though they had numerous injuries and already two casualties and the next...all hope was gone.


She hadn't been allowed to fight, not being a slayer and all or a witch so she was located in the house, under a protection shield that protected her, Giles, the watchers and some of the younger slayers. Too young to fight, too young to die. It was because of this that she had no idea at all what had happened and that everything had took a turn for the worse.


The pain of the spear never came. Just as she was about to pry open her shut lids a force knocked into her and she felt a searing pain in her head as it hit the ground and the next thing she knew, no matter how hard she tried to fight it, was a complete blackness.

When she came to the first thing she noticed was the lack of fighting around her. All seemed calm and she wondered how long she had been out. The next was the sticky substance coating the side of her face was red, blood, her blood. After that came the foreboding feeling that everyone was dead and that was why it was so quiet. That quickly came crashing down as she heard the terrible sounds of someone screaming in pain, lots of pain and what made it worse was that pain was coming from the girl she loved.

She stood up and looked across the garden to where it seemed the only demon was left standing, Repartidor. He looked a bit worse for wear but mostly healthy and ready to fight. He and Faith were battling it out, and the source of her screams was from the repeated forceful beatings she was taking to her ribs and abdomen. Faith looked on deaths door, her face was bloody her nose probably broken and there were tears and rips in all her clothes all of which seemed to be oozing her life source. The one that made her worry most was the spear head sticking out of her stomach just under her ribs, it was bleeding continuously and she realised with gut wrenching sadness that it had been meant for her. That the force that had knocked her out but saved her life had been Faith's body connecting with hers as she jumped into the line of the spear. She had saved her life.

Faith suddenly twisted out of his hold on her and delivered a powerful blow of her own right to his face, black blood gushed everywhere. Next a well aimed high kick sent the demon flying through the air towards Willow's force field, he bounced off with a disgusting squelching sound and dropped to the floor unmoving. Buffy started towards him with her sword, getting ready to finish the job.

"No, Buffy don't!" Faith warned, it made her pause in her travels, Faith seemed utterly serious. Faith limped over to her and took the sword, brushing her hand over hers and smiling at her. She could tell that action alone was very painful for the brunette and by the way only one side of her mouth lifted she had a broken cheek bone as well. Buffy watched as she hobbled over to the demons body and staked him through the back of the head with the sword. "Showed him." Then Faith pitched forwards into total darkness. She was just quick enough to catch her and stop her devastating drop to the ground. It was done. It was over.

"Buffy, is she ok?" One of the younger slayers asked, it was Marlene one of the first slayers to be recruited to the San Francisco Potentials Academy. She was a top student and looked rather bloody but otherwise unharmed. The blood was probably from her comrades and not herself. She was a skilled fighter. "That was..." She seemed unable to continue, and Buffy was grateful she hadn't had to witness the beating her lover took.

"That's ok Marlene, she's unconscious but still breathing and a faint pulse. Help me get her inside!" The panic of the situation seemed to catch up with her from that simple question. Faith was in a bad way, she was still bleeding from multiple stab wounds and the spear in her back had to be taken out otherwise she could get an infection making her recovery even more unlikely. She had to be ok, they had only just discovered what was between them and she wasn't ready to lose that. Between her and Marlene they got Faith into the infirmary and immediately they were shooed out of there so they could work on her. There would apparently have to be multiple surgeries and Faith would be put into an induced coma to help her healing. They just hoped she would come back from it.


His whole body hurt, he had taken a beating from Repartidor whilst Faith was dealing with some of the other demons. There was no way he could have ever beaten him, but Faith had and he was once again awed by her. She possessed great strength, she had always been a great fighter her passion fuelling her on but ever since she came back from that hell dimension he could see it had multiplied. Her strength had grown and with experience and time her accuracy, speed and precision had become perfect. She was the best fighter he had ever seen, and grudgingly he had to admit she gained an insight into fighting that Buffy had yet to learn. It only came with age, and Faith whilst she looked to be 21 had actually lived for 46, and 25 of those were used battling demons and gods of a hell dimension. In his eyes she had got what she has sought for; she was a hero she had redemption.


She ached all over, the battle had tired her. But what ached the most above all else was waiting to hear if her lover was dead. She had been so brave, battled that god with no worry of her own life only that of others. She was truly a hero. They had removed the spear and stopped her bleeding out, stitched her up and put her in a coma that apparently she was on her way of falling into on her own anyway. This would apparently help her heal quickly with less pain and more chance of a survival. That was their wording 'more chance of survival', 'more chance' meaning that there was a chance she would die. She couldn't believe how quickly it had all changed. She was standing there, she had defeated him and then as if the power she was using to hold herself up, whatever she was fighting for didn't need saving anymore and she was out. It was shear willpower that had kept her up on her feet for so long.

She ached all over, the battle had tired her but she would not rest, would not heal until she knew Faith was going to win this. She loved her and she would be there for her. After all she was the only reason she was alive today.

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