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It was supposed to be a beautiful wedding.

A man stood in the middle of the ballroom, his entire body shaking from barely suppressed sobs. The paper the man held in his hands was crumpled and torn in several places, even though he had just picked it up ten minutes ago.

The man looked around the room. He gazed at the balloons and streamers. They were so festive! They looked as if they should be in a movie about somebody else's life.

He stared at the dance floor next. That's going to have to wait to be danced on, he thought sadly.

The man dug into his pocket and pulled out a box. It was small, square, and black. The kind of box that usually held jewelry. A ring. He flipped the box open.

It was empty.

The man smiled through his tears, remembering the prank that was supposed to be pulled.

Not anymore.

Reed Richards put the box back into him pocket. He took a last look at the paper and broke into a run. He had to tell Susan. He just had to.

Reed's legs extended further in front of him then a human's should. He was sprinting now. He had to get to the Baxter Building. Susan had to know this.

The note that lay crumpled in his fist was the bringer of bad news. It had been written by a megalomaniac. One that the Fantastic Four knew well.

Dr. Doom had kidnapped Johnny Storm, Susan's kid brother. He had only hours to live.

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