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After the Storm

The war, at last, was over. It had all ended in a jet of green light following Harry Potter's shout of "AVADA KEDAVRA!" It wasn't until the light had vanished that Harry realized the gravity of the situation. He'd done it. He had finished off Voldemort for good.

He looked around the Muggle suburban street that had become the final battlefield, catching Hermione's eye as she helped Ron to his feet. The look in both of his friends' eyes was one he hadn't seen for a long time: relief.

Harry continued to let his gaze drift around himself. He could make out only two lifeless faces of Order members: Bill Weasley and Neville Longbottom. All of the others were at least moving.

The spectacular duel to the death between Harry and Lord Voldemort had lasted for a good half hour, but it had ended in a whirlwind of seemingly lifelong seconds. After spending a year destroying the final three Horcruxes, after nothing short of a hardly normal life and countless dangerous adventures...Muggles and Wizards alike could finally breathe freely, himself included.

Some of the Muggles that had stepped out of their houses to investigate the constant shouting of spells and flashes of light had become innocent victims and perished. Others, once sure that the danger had passed, had stepped out of their hiding places to get a good look at Harry.

"Harry?" Ron put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It's over, mate." He swallowed, smiling. "You did it."

It seemed like the first time Harry had smiled in ages. "Yeah..."

Yet, whether Muggle or Wizard, all who survived the fight, even after he was gone, would remember their hero: the young man with messy jet black hair and a lightning bolt-shaped scar.