My Baby's daddy

Kim is pregnant and is a single mother but has the help of her best friend Ron. Can both teens help each other when needed? STD did not happen and Kim and Ron never got together may be later on and Ron's parents are dead so he lives with Felix.

Chap 1 I'm what

"How can I be pregnant?" thought 18 year old Kim Possible. "I know josh and I had sex but only once". Kim looked at the test that read positive. "I need Ron; he always makes me feel better". Kim took the test with her and headed out. "I wonder how Josh will react. I hope he will be happy Mrs. Kim Mankey, I like the sound of that" thought Kim heading out side. "But what if he does not want the kid"

"Kimmie, where are you going" ask Mrs. Possible.

"I'm going to see Ron" said Kim. Kim left with out another word and walk to the Renton's.

(The Renton's)

Kim walked up to the Renton's home and Ron new home since the death of his parents and rufus.

(Ding, ding)

"Hello" said Mrs. Renton looking at Kim.

"Hi, Mrs. Renton is Ron here" ask Kim.

"Ron's taking a shower you could go to his room Kim" said Mrs. Renton letting Kim in.

"Ok, Mrs. Renton" said Kim heading to Ron's room.

(Ron's room)

"I hope Ron can help me." Kim lying down on Ron's bed waiting for him.

We're Hanging out with corpses and driving in this hearse and someone save my soul.

Tonight please save my soul. Can you take this spike will it fill with thoughts of endless night time sky can you take this spike will it was away the jet black now and as these days watch us tonight.

Ron entered the room with only black cargo shorts seeing Kim asleep on his bed. "What is Kim doing hear. I hope she didn't hear me sing" thought Ron. Ron went to his bed and woke Kim up. "Kp, Kp wake up" said Ron shaking Kim lightly.

"Mmm umm mommy I don't want to go to school" mumbled Kim turning to the other side.

"Come on Kp its Ron" said Ron "she say's I'm hard to get up"

"Ok, ok I'm up" said Kim getting up seeing Ron. "Ron what are you doing in my room" ask Kim.

"Kim you're in my room" said Ron "so what are you doing sleeping in my bed KP" said Ron getting up.

"Oh, Ron" cried Kim all the memories coming back to her, Kim jumped on Ron and cried in his arms.

"Kim what's wrong… did some one hurt you" ask Ron. "KP, if any one hurt you tell me and I'll beat them up" said Ron looking at his friend.

"Ron promises me if iii… tell you some thing" sniff "you won't freak out" said Kim looking at Ron.

"Ok Kp, I won't freak" said Ron.

"No, promise" said Kim.

"Kp, I promise" said Ron looking at Kim. What can it be?

"Ron I'm pregnant" said Kim.

"WHAT" yelled Ron?

"Ron you promise" cried Kim.

"Bbbb but how" ask Ron. "I mean how you can tell"

"I took a test" said Kim handing the test to Ron.

Ron took the test and looked at it" Kim how doses it work" ask Ron looking at Kim.

"You pee on it Ron" said Kim

"Well Kim may be you have bad pee. Let me get a shirt and we'll go see my doctor" said Ron giving the test back to Kim. Kim just sat there looking at Ron. "Come on KP we can trust my doctor ok or unless you want to go to your mom" said Ron putting on a red A-shirt. "Let's go I'll tell Mrs. Renton we're leaving" said Ron heading out of his room.

"Ok Ron" said Kim.

"Mrs. Renton Kim and me are going out see you latter" said Ron.

"Ok but be here for dinner Ron no more missing meals" said Mrs. Renton

"K, bye" said Ron leaving.

(Out side)

"Kim can I ask who the dad of the kid is" ask Ron looking at his scooter.

"Josh" whispered Kim.

"Oh" was all Ron said getting on his scooter waiting for Kim to get on.

"Kim why did Yha come to me and not monkey. I mean he is the dad" said Ron sitting the scooter

"I was scared and when you're around I feel safe like nothing can hurt me" said Kim looking at Ron.

"Wow that's cool and Kim I won't let anything or anyone hurt you" said Ron

"Thank Ron": said Kim

"Let's go to the doctor" said Ron driving to the doctors.


"Ron is you sure about this doctor" ask Kim looking at the place and holding him tight.

"Yup, Dr. O'Hara is a great doc Kim she help me with my first tattoo rash" said Ron.

"You have tattoo!" ask Kim raising her voice looking at Ron.

"Yha a Japanese sign of hell on my hip bone and a black fox sleeping on my lower back" said Ron

"Ron we'll talk about that later ok. Now Dr.O'Hara is she trusts worthy" ask Kim.

"Yes Kim and I'll be their too" said Ron holding Kim's hand

"Ok let do this" said Kim walking up to the plane building.

"Kim stay here and I'll see if the doc can check you out" said Ron going to the sectary.

(5 minutes later)

"Kim she see you all we have to do is wait" said Ron

"Stoppable" yelled a blond nurse.

"Well KP, that was fast let go" said Ron

"Ron, I'm scared hold my hand pleas" said Ron

"Ok, Kp" said Ron holding her hand. Kim and Ron fooled the nurse to the little white room.

"Stay here you two" said the nurse.

"Ok" said both teens.

"Wow KP check out this table it has weird thing for your legs" said Ron getting on the table.

"Ron that's for women to see if there pregnant" said Kim.

"Hello, Ronald and you must be Kimberly" said Dr .O'Hara looking at Kim.

"Yes I am" said Kim looking at the doctor who has brown hair and blue eyes with a pale complexion.

"Ok, it says here that you're her for a pregnant test I'm I right" ask Dr. O'Hara.

"Yes" said both teens

"Ok let me get the needle it only takes a couple of minutes" said the Dr.

The doctor took the blood and sent the two teen's in the waiting room.

(5minut's later)

"Kim you are pregnant" said the Dr.

Ron took Kim to the park and let her cry for an hour.

"Kim….. I'll go with you to tell josh and your rent's if you want" whispered Ron. Kim just nodded and both teens head off to the mankeys to tell josh of the news.

Well I hope you like it the next chap is: telling josh and the rents