Chap 16

" Err, Ahh gha" grunted Jaden as he still was sleeping.

" I have no idea were you get your not being a morning person" said Kim as she looked at her son.

" Mmm" said Jaden as he rolled his eyes.

" All, right eat up everyone" said Ron as he put down there plates. After breakfast everyone got dress and went there way . The Kids went to school , Kim and Ron went to work.


( With Kim)

" Morning Dr. Possible" said Kim as she looked at her mom with a big grin.

" Good morning to you to Dr. Possible" said Mrs. Possible as she hugged Kim.

" Are we ever going to stop this Mom" said Kim as she smiled at her mom.

" Maybe , Kimmie how are my grandkid's and Ronnie" ask Mrs. Possible as she looked at Kim.

" Great , Kitsune and Jaden are picking out what they want to be , Jaden wants to be like his mommy and grandma and be a doctor and Kitsune she wants to be Ron" said Kim as she smiled.

" Well , thats great more doctors and agent's" said Mrs. Possible as she gave Kim a wink.

" Yup , I just hope she learns to pick up her clothes and take a shower , some times it feels like I'm taking care of three kids" said Kim as she looked at what she was doing today.

" Yes, but you love Ronnie and he loves you , by the way when are you and Ronnie going to get married." asked Mrs. Possible looking at Kim.

" Mom, for the billionth time Ron and I are just best friends... and he likes sleeping with many other women" said Kim as she frown.

" He just needs a womans loving touch to calm his wild ways and your the one who can do it" said Mrs. Possible as she looked at Kim.

" I got to go Mom talk to you later maybe I won't share my lunch with you today Ron made cake yesterday" said Kim as she walked off and started her day.

" Please god get those to together" prayed Mrs. Possible as she to started her day.

( With , the twin's at school)

" KITSUNE POSSIBLE , NO SLEEPING IN CLASS" yelled Mr. Barkin as he looked at the sleeping red head. Still the same man , just with gray hairs showing his age.

" AHHHH, SORRY" yelled Kitsune as she looked at her teacher.

" Detention , Possible" said Mr. Barkin as he gave Kitsune a pink slip and rolling his eye's thinking of how Ron and this little redhead are the same.

" Ahh , man that tank's" said Kitsune as she looked at the paper.

" Man, your mom won't be happy" said Itachi Rockwaller. Itachi looked just like his mother , but with a little Japanese in him. He had short spiky brown hair and blue eye's.

" Shut it Itachi kun , I know she'll be pissed and this mean I can't go to the sleep over at your place" said Kitsune as she frown.

" Well, what mama don't know , can't hurt her" said Itachi with a evil grin.

" Yha, but thats wrong and I know better" said Kitsune as she smiled at Itachi. Itachi shrugged his shoulders and went back to what the teacher was doing. Kitsune went back to her nap.

( With Jaden)

" I Love art Kara" said Jaden as he smiled at Kara Renton.

" Me , to JayJay " said Kara . Kara had her mothers blond hair , blue eye's and her father's gaming skill's.

" I know , but when I tell mom she frowns for some reason and I don't know why your the only one who I can tell" said Jaden as he hugged Kara.

" I know , look after school we can go to the arcade and hang out" said Kara as she smiled and hugged back Jaden.

" Sure sure" said Jaden as he sat down at the desk. Kara rolled her eye's and sat down by her best friend.

" Hello , class I'm your teacher" said the Teacher as he walked in to the class.

( With Ron)

" Ok , Betty here are my report's on the mission in Russia" said Ron as he handed her a small stack of papers.

" Thank , you Ronald and how was the mission" ask Dr. Betty Director.

" Fine, can I get my paycheck Kim want's to re-do the bathroom in the hall way and I tod her this one is hers" said Ron as he wanted to get out of the room.

" Here , and sleep well I have a S rank mission for you it's two week's long so tell Kim and the kids" said Betty as she handed Ron a envelope.

" Sure , sure" said Ron as he left the Room and went Home.

( Stoppable/ Possible home)

" Ahh, good to be home and Kim / kid free" said Ron as he smiled to himself. Ron took off his shoes and shirt and sat down on the sofa , then turn the T.V on.

" Let's see do I want cartoon's or the news, CARTOON" said Ron as he started to watch some cartoons. After two hours of watching cartoon's Ron did some house work to make Kim happy . He clean the house and worked on the front and back yard. After doing all the house work he went to the Ready&Shop to buy food for the week. After all that he baked a pie and got everything for dinner ready.

( With Kim )

" Nurse, give Mr. Rusty his medicine for to day and give him a bath he starting to smell like Ron's socks" said Kim as she smiled at the nurse. The nurse did what she was told. Kim smiled and looked at the clock it said it was lunch time. Kim walked to her mom's office with her lunch in hand and knocked the door.

Knock , knock

" Can I come in" ask Kim as she open the door.

" Anything you want Kimmie" said Mrs. Possible as she had her lunch ready to eat.

" So what did you bring" asked Kim as she sat down by her mom and started to open her bag.

" Just a salad with Italian dressing , you" asked Mrs. Possible as she smiled at Kim.

" Let's see Hmm, I got beef stew , a beef sandwich and chip's and a couple of Ronnie's special cookies" said Kim as she sat down.

" Want to share" ask Mrs. Possible as she licked her lip's.

" Yha , I do it's a little to much for me mom" said Kim as she smiled at her mom.

" Good, Ron loves you too much and he feeds you to much too" said Mrs. Possible as she open the bag.

" Yha , he dose feed me to much and well the love I love him to so were even" said Kim as she split her lunch with her mom. Both Possible woman ate there lunch together.

( With Kitsune)

" Itachi kun what did you bring for lunch" asked Kitsune as she rubbed her belly.

" I have money so , what ever there serving here" said Itachi as he rolled his eye's.

" Well I have Ron's cooking so want to share if you buy the drinks" said Kitsune as she smiled at her best friend.

" Ah duh Kitsune chan I love his cooking he's like the coolest dad in the world" said Itachi as he turned around and stopped in his track's.

" I'm so sorry , I SO SORRY KITSUNE HIME" said Itachi as he hugged his best friend.

" It's ok Itachi , it's ok" said Kitsune as he frowned and let her friend hug her.

" No , I know how you feel about the dad thing and I'm sorry your my best friend and the last thing I want to do is hurt you" said Itachi as he looked at Kitsune.

" I forgive you" said Kitsune as she smiled at her best friend.


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