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Strolling down a dark hallway in Titans Tower, Beastboy yawned as he folded his arms behind his head, bored out of his mind. There was absolutely nothing to do today, it was one of those rainy late afternoons when the whole world just seemed so dull. Starfire and Robin had gone to the movies, they had become so engrossed with each other ever since they started dating, it was almost enough to make the changelings stomach turn. His best bud Cyborg wasn't home that night either, he had gone to pick up a new part for the T-Car and wouldn't be back until the next day. That just left him all alone with the one person. Raven.

"Hey Rav..." He started to call out, a gloved hand raising to knock on her bedroom door, but stopped in mid air. "What am I thinking, she wont want to hang out with me." The green Titan sighed out under his breath, pointed ears drooping slightly as he turned around and slumped into the meeting/living room. Going into the kitchen to get a soda, he saw a piece of paper on the table, a note written on it in neat, violet ink.

Went to a bookstore, be back later.

All of you stay out of my room. Raven.

Beastboy blinked as he read the note, even Raven had found something to do today. Sighing, he opened the fridge and reached for a Mug root beer, but froze as something clicked in his mind. Nobody was home, more importantly, Raven wasn't home and that meant her room was completely empty. Cracking an evil grin, BB kicked the fridge shut and turned around to sprint out of the room and back into the hallway. Stopping as he came to Ravens door, he rubbed his gloved hands together in a menacing manner. Secretly, he had always had a crush on the goth Titan, but was always knew deep down that she would never like him as more than a friend. So, he made a decision quite awhile ago that he would always just admire her from afar. Hitting the button that would open the door, his ears twitched a little at hearing the whooshing sound they made when they opened up.

"Maybe now I can learn a little more about her.." He said out loud to himself, smiling. Beastboy stepped slowly into the dimly lit room, emerald eyes lighting up as he looked around at the many books and occult ornaments Raven had decorated her room with. It was dark, it was creepy, it was totally Raven. Beastboy made a mental note to leave no sign that he was in here, if Raven ever found out, she would kill him...and he truly believed she would. Walking in further, the green haired Titan sat down on the foot of her bed, smiling at how soft it was. Closing his eyes, he flopped on his back, let out a contented sigh at nice Ravens bed felt in comparison to his own bed, well, bunk beds. It was about then that the green Titan began to wonder what it would feel like to sleep in the same bed as Raven, but he quickly dismissed these thoughts as his green cheeks began to redden. "I am such a perv." He said out loud with a small laugh, getting up off the bed.

Looking over some of the books on Ravens shelf, Beastboy blinked as he couldn't understand some of the titles on a few of the odd tomes. He was a little disappointed now that he was in here, he was hoping to find something like a diary or maybe a book of photos he could look at. Just something to help him better understand Raven, it sounded odd, but BB just wanted to know the girl he would always remember and smile upon.

Backing up a little, he titled his head to the side to get a better look at a poster the Raven had put up on a wall. But by doing this, he wasn't able to see where he was going, and almost knocked over a table. Gulping, he quickly turned around to see what it was he had bumped into, a little jumpy as the prospect of being caught in here had entered his mind. He had moved just in time to see something fall off the table and shatter on the floor, then he froze, all color draining from his face. Hoping what had fallen over wasn't what he thought it was, the green shape shifter slowly leaned down to inspect the broken pieces of glass that were strewn about the carpeted floor. "Oh...son of a bitch." He said out loud in a whisper, it was what he feared, he had knocked over Ravens mirror.

Now, this wasn't an ordinary mirror, this was actually a portal to Ravens mind that she had said she used for meditation. He and Cyborg had experienced first hand what it was like in Ravens mind, having been sucked into it quite awhile ago when they went into Ravens room without permission. Beastboy mentally cursed himself for completely forgetting that experience, it wasn't exactly something one would just forget like that. It was like some dark black void full of red glimmering stars and floating stones that formed a pathway to walk on. Then there were the other Ravens, oh man, how could Beastboy forget about those things! When he ran into the first one, he thought it was just Raven wearing a pink cloak, "My favorite color!" she had said. But he found out that it was actually Happiness, one of Ravens many emotions, which would explain why she was so hyper and joyful.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man!" He cried out, freaking a little. This wasn't exactly the kind of thing Raven wouldn't notice, hell, she probably used it every day when she meditated to keep her emotions under control. Wait, what if the mirror breaking did something to harm Raven, he thought. Oh man, he would never forgive himself if Raven got hurt because of him.

While Beastboy was thinking all this and hurriedly trying to figure out what he should do, he didn't notice that the pieces of mirror were starting to glow with a dark, almost shadowy aura. He froze, keen ears picking up sounds of the shards of mirror starting to vibrate across the floor. Turning his emerald gaze downward, he saw them starting to glow even darker and vibrate even faster. Then, enveloped in a flash of white light that filled the whole room with an un-natural luminosity, BB quickly raised an arm to shield his eyes. Backing away from the source of the light, he couldn't see where he was going and in the process, tripped over Ravens bed and fell flat onto of it with a slight bounce afterward.

The blinding light suddenly died down though after a moment, by this time BB was shaking and shivering like a frightened child, but slowly he lowered his arm so he could see what, if anything, the light had down. He quickly found out, as nearly two dozen cloaked figures all seemed to appear in the room, each clad in a cloak of a different color. "I am so...dead." He said in a dazzed voice, suddenly finding it very difficult to breath. Emerald eyes rolling back, the green Titan fell down onto the bed with a flop, passing out.

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