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By: Rikotsu-sama

o0 Chapter 13 - Watching the Fireworks 0o

"Are you serious?! You've never dipped french fries in chocolate ice cream before?!" Hinata asked in disbelief.

"No, I haven't, and you're the one who thinks putting salt on watermelon is weird!" Naruto answered.

"But it is!" Hinata giggled.

"Is so not!" Naruto chuckled as he swung his arm around Hinata's shoulder as the were sitting on the couch.

"Fine. I'll make you a deal: I'll stop thinking it's weird if you promise to come get french fries and dip them in chocolate ice cream with me!" Hinata offered.

"Deal." Naruto agreed as he sealed the deal with a kiss.

"So, whatcha wanna do today, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked once the kiss was over.

"Well, I was hoping to take you out on a date to see the fireworks tonight at the start of the peach festival."

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed, jumping her boyfriend. This ended up with Hinata straddling his waist and Naruto laying down on the couch. "I'd love to!" Hinata smiled widely.

"Heh... Then it's a date."




"Can I ask you a question...?" Sakura asked, fidgeting as she sipped her coffee.

"Hn." It's funny how Sasuke likes two to four letter words.

"Why do you like me?" Sakura asked, averting her gaze to a particularly interesting speck of dust on the blue-gray table of Café Solé.

"I don't know." Sasuke answered, cooly taking a bite out of his cinnamon sugar toast.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Sakura didn't intend that to sound so harsh.

"I can't pick."

"Can't pick what?"

"I like everything about you..." Sasuke said, cupping Sakura's cheek in his hand romantically.

"What about my forehead?"


"My short hair?"

"Long hair is overrated."

"Lack of ninja skills?"


"Admirable?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Yes. Admirable. You strive to be a ninja, despite lack of talent."

"I guess that's true..."

"But anyway, now I told you what I like about you, you have to tell me what you like about me." Sasuke stated, matter-of-factly.



Hinata gaped at the enormous stack of bowls stacked on the counter. Why, oh why, had she ever agreed to take Naruto out for ramen? Right. He made her pancakes.

Hinata sighed as Naruto ordered what he claimed to be his last bowl. "Arigatou!" Naruto chanted as he began to chow down on the beef-flavored ramen he had come to know and love.

Hinata ordered a small order of sweet dumplings as she waited for Naruto to finish his ramen session. She slowly chewed on the delicious substance, it was no blueberry, but still good.

"Naruto-kun..." Hinata asked shyly.

"Hm?" What's up with boys and small words?!

"Uh... um... do you want to go on a d-double... uh... d-date w-with... Sasuke and Sakura?" Hinata blurted out the last few words as she stumbled through her sentence.

"A double date?" Naruto wondered aloud, taking a momentary pause from his ramen.


"Sounds like fun. You can call Sasuke from my cell. It's in my back pocket."

"A-arigatou, Naruto-kun..." Hinata took the cell phone slowly and speed dialed Sasuke's cell phone.



"No, this is Sakura. Do you want to talk to Sasuke?"

"N-no. I can talk to you, Sakura-chan. It's Hinata."

"Oh, Hi, Hinata-chan! What's up?"

"Naruto-kun and I were wondering if you and Sasuke-kun would like to go on a d-double d-date with us to the watch the fireworks at the peach festival tonight...?"

"Oh... It'd be alright with me. Lemme ask Sasuke-kun." Mumbling in the background.



"It's okay with Sasuke-kun!" Sakura half-sung into the navy flip-phone.

"Okay... Meet by the lake at seven?"

"Okay! See you then! Ja ne, Hinata-chan!"

"Ja ne."


"I take that they said yes?" Naruto asked, placing his last, yes last, bowl on the large stack and paying.

"Hai... We're to meet them by the lake at seven.."

"Yeah, I caught that. Wadda ya wanna do till then?"


"Wanna spar?"



Chatting, giggling, smoothies? What could go wrong?

Taking a sip of his smoothie, Sasuke watched as Sakura swung back and forth on the play set's swing, laughing. Her bubble-gum pink hair flew with the wind, playfully taunting Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, don't you just wish you could go back to being a kid? No worries, no homework, not a care in the world?" Sakura asked, pumping her legs so she would go higher.

"Hn." He grunted before dipping into a flashback. His parents ignored him, were not proud of him, only had time for Itachi. Oh, how he hated Itachi!

Sakura turned to her beloved and saw his obsidian eyes distant and unloving like so long ago when she had tried to stop him from leaving. She did not like that look. As cold as frost and as distant as the far away as that one person you may never see again...

She stopped swinging. Her feet lightly tapped the ground as she stepped off the swing. Reminiscing in her own memories of childhood losses, Sakura walked up to Sasuke and simply stated, "I'm gonna go get dressed for tonight, I'll meet you by the great Hallow in the park, okay?"

Sasuke didn't reply, and didn't register what she had said until he looked up and she was already gone. He sighed.


"Ah!" Hinata screeched as her butt hit the ground. Again.

"C'mon, Hinata-chan, you can do better! Believe it!" Naruto grinned as he helped his girlfriend up.

"Anymore falling on my butt and I won't be able to sit for the fireworks!" Hinata whined, hugging Naruto.

Naruto sighed, and guessed sparring with his girlfriend wasn't the best way to spend a day. "Wanna call it a day and grab some ice cream?"

"Yes, thank god yes." Hinata mumbled, detaching herself from Naruto.

"C'mon, the stand is this way." Naruto lead Hinata slowly by the hip to the ice cream cart nearby.

"A triple scoop mint-chocolate chip and a double scoop blueberry please." Naruto asked the man at the cart.

"Arigatou." Hinata thanked the man as he handed them their ice cream and Naruto paid.

Hinata handed the triple scoop mint-chocolate chip cone to her blonde before slowly licking her own.

"Oi, Hinata-chan... Why was it you tried to make me jealous by dating Sasuke-teme?" Naruto asked calmly after eating one of his three scoops of ice cream in one bite.

"Well... Y'know how I walked in on you sleeping with Sakura a few weeks ago?" Hinata answered cautiously.


"Well, I was planning on asking you out that day. But when I saw you with Sakura, I just sort of freaked out. I didn't have the nerve anymore... I thought it was unfair that after liking you for so long, Sakura was the one who ended up with you..." Hinata took a breath. "I really really liked you. Ever since we were in the academy. I... I... I couldn't help myself. I wanted you so badly... I guess I just didn't think of the people around me, just myself really..." Hinata gulped and took another lick of ice cream.

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun... I shouldn't've been so selfish..." Hinata apologized, wiping a few stray tears from her tender cheeks.

"Naw, it's okay, Hinata-chan." Naruto said, "You were following your path of the ninja, right?"

Hinata nodded shyly.

"Good, plus: what's done is done, right?"

"Y- Yeah..." Hinata wiped the last few tears from her eyes before smiling up at her boyfriend. "Believe it."

"That only works when I say it..."

"Yeah, kinda noticed that..."


Sakura and Hinata put on their make up in Sakura's room and when they were done they exited her house and began heading towards the park. Sakura was wearing a sky blue kimono with cherry blossoms on it, and Hinata's kimono had a snake design curling up it.

As they walked, Hinata apologized, "Sorry for trying to steal Naruto away..." She turned away shyly.

"Hey, Hinata, it's okay! That's all in the past, and the past should be forgotten." —she flashed back to sasuke's obsidian eyes— "I've finally got my Sasuke-kun anyway!" She smiled warmly and gave Hinata a pat on the back for encouragement.

"Heh. Still, sorry again."

"C'mon, Hinata-chan! Stop apologizing! It was just a guy! Let's stop apologizing, stop fantasizing and return to the real world. Where two very handsome guys are waiting for us."

Hinata sighed and nodded in agreement, smiling her shy smile.


Striding up to the big Hallow tree in Konoha Park, Sasuke in his baggy jeans, black button-up shirt, and purple tie he looked up to see Naruto in plain baggy black pants who's many pockets didn't have a thing in them, an orange T-shirt and black silk tie.

From his perch in the tree above, Naruto asked Sasuke, "Why're you wearing a purple tie?"

"Why're you wearing a orange shirt?" Sasuke replied.

"'Cause Hinata thinks I look good in orange and black."

"'Cause Sakura thinks I look sexy in purple."

Before the boys had the chance to continue their fascinating discussion of fashion, the girls walked up and Naruto jumped down from the tree.

"Wow." Naruto mused, checking out Hinata. She blushed with this comment and continued to stare at that ultimately interesting speck of dust on the grass.

Sasuke walked up to Sakura, whispered, "You look... spectacular." in her ear and kissed her on the cheek.

Naruto romantically took Hinata's hand and the couples made their way through the park and up to the hill where outside of the normal peach festival area. The fireworks were scheduled to go off in just a few minutes.

As the four-some sat down on the bench the first firework went off in the night sky. It was in the shape of a gigantic red heart. How stereotypical.

Naruto turned to Hinata and kissed her on the neck and she squeaked. Liking this squeak, Naruto kissed her again, and again, trailing up her neck until he kissed her on the lips passionately.

Sasuke, mesmerized by the fireworks forgot to kiss Sakura. Sakura decided after a few minutes of making out on the other end of the bench to take things into her own hands. She turned Sasuke towards her and kissed him harshly.

Loving this wild side, this harsh and unexpected emotion began to kiss back equally as fiercely.

One last firework popped in the night sky, a green pi symbol (most likely snuck into the box by some crazy middle school kid).

The fireworks went unnoticed.

o0 Fiction Fin 0o

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