A "Kim Possible" fanfic by Erin Mills


This is the way the world ends…

She was running through the blasted streets of Middleton. Around her houses were aflame, sending clouds of smoke into the air. Shattered and useless fire hydrants spouted gouts of water into the air, spilling over sodden ground that helped no one. Cars were overturned, or crashed into trees, lightposts, and in one instance in the living room of a nearby house.

Through all of this, she could hear the screams and cries of innocent people in the distance. She winced as she doubled back and began running towards the center of town in search of any survivors.

This is the way the world ends…

The majority of the town center was destroyed. City Hall was rubble. In the distance she could see Club Banana was on fire. As she scanned the area, looking for anyone who might still be alive in the wreckage, her eyes lit upon the Bueno Nacho.

Or at least, the wreckage that was occupying the lot where the Bueno Nacho used to be. Unlike much of the rest of the town, the fire seemed to have burned out, leaving charcoaled ruins, and a half demolished giant sombrero. She stared in shcok. How had she missed this in all the chaos?

Then she noticed the person trapped under the brim of the giant sombrero.

This is the way the world ends…

She dashed across the street, and knelt down, grabbing the wrists of the trapped person. She tried pulling them out from under the weckage, but quickly stopped when she realized that there was no pulse.

She was too late.

"But..I'm NEVER too late," she thought. She looked around at the destroyed town, then down at the person she failed to save. Her eyes widened, as she recognized him.


This is the way the world ends…

His face was streaked with soot, and dried blood coagulated in his hair. In one of his hands was the charred corpse of a naked mole rat. The other was clenched tightly. She reached down and pried his fingers open, trying not to think about how cold they were.

Several plastic packets fell onto the ground. She picked one up and blinked back the tears that were beginning to form. "Diablo sauce. The silly idiot must have been trying to save two of the three things he always said he loved the most."

The next thing she knew she was running through the streets again, trying not to lose it completely. Memories rose unbidden in her mind, memories that threatened to overwhelm her and leave her cringing in the middle of the destruction around her.

She tripped over a raised chunk of asphalt and rolled headlong into an alleyway, scraping her arms and sliding to a halt next to a wall. She tried to get up and found she just couldn't force herself to do so. She had failed.

The girl who could do anything had completely and utterly failed.

"This is the way the world ends…"

She looked up and saw that she wasn't alone in the alley. Further down was another young woman, in much the same pose she was in. Knees drawn up, arms clasped around them, head bowed. The other woman was rocking back and forth, muttering to herself.

"This is the way the world ends…"

The other woman was dressed in a tattered green and black uniform. Soot smudges were across the bright green material, and she saw blood welling from a gash in her arm. Stringy black hair draped across her head, obscuring her face.

She stood up and crept down the alley, knowing who she was looking at. The one person she never expected to see in this state.

"This is the way the world ends…"

She cautiously reached out a hand, stopping just before she made contact. She bit ber bottom lip, unsure where this was a good idea. Shego hated looking weak, and if she got her attention, who was to say the ex-superhero wouldn't try to claw her face off, or just blast her altogether?

"This is the way the world ends…" Shego murmured again.

But then again, she was the only person who could tell her what was going on. She put her hand on Shego's shoulder.

Instantly, Shego's head snapped up, her eyes glowing with a emerald brilliance she had never seen before. Shego's fists flared up with her trademark green energy fields. Her lips curled into an expression she had never seen before. Far more than Shego's general expression of contempt and need to destroy her for being one of the good guys.

This was an expression of pure unbridled murderous rage.

"This is the way the world ends…" Shego said slowly, her voice harsh and raspy. She pulled back one of her fists.


She threw up her arms to shield her face, but it was too late as her vision was filled with green…

…and Kim Possible found herself landing flat on her face on the floor of her bedroom. Hard.