Found this in my files, thought it might be interesting to see. I took it out of the main story since it didn't quite click with the flow.

This scene takes place between Cassandra's Tears and Inversion.



Last Minute Revelation

By Drakken's count, he had been listening to the heart monitor for the better part of two weeks. That was how long he'd been hiding out at this hospital in Switzerland, ever since Kim Possible had gone, to put it mildly, stark raving mad.

He hated having to wear the suit and the makeup to cover his blue skin. He hated having to wear his old glasses and bring back the "Drew Lipsky, UberNerd" look. He hated being in hiding somewhere other than one of his many lairs around the world.

The heart monitor beeped again, bringing him out of his reverie. He looked over at Shego. She looked worse than he had ever seen her. It took nearly all the loose cash he had on him to bribe a couple of the hospital staff who recognized her. Of course, the green tinged skin was probably a giveaway, brusies and bandages aside.

She had tubes in her arms, tubes in her nose, sensors over most of her body, and one eye that had swelled to cover a full quarter of her face. She hadn't woken up since the night of the warehouse, and frankly, Drakken was starting to get worried.

He'd referred to the partnership she and Shego had as a family. An evil family, but a family nonetheless. Sure, it had started out as a typical employee/employer relationship, but as time had gone on, it had turned into something deeper.

Not romantic. Drakken was just under the age that he could pass as her father. Not necessarily a brother/sister kind of family either. Maybe it was just the fact that neither of them really had anyone else. Sure, Drakken had his mother and Ed, and Shego had her superhero brothers, but neither of them really felt any sort of connection to their respective family members.

He wasn't really sure if it was friendship either. Shego belittled and ridiculed him at every opportunity. But then, she still went through with whatever plan had come to his mind, even if she thought it was the dumbest thing ever. What did that say?

He didn't know. But he did know that if he lost her, he wouldn't know what to do. Well, outside of a horrible bloody vengance against Kim Possible.

That was the other thing. Kim Possible had always been a model of restraint and control. But this last time, she seemed preoccupied, and then with the death of the buffoon, she had just gotten scary. Never had he seen Kim so angry, so violent. It made him wonder just what the world would have been in for if she had decided to be one of the bad guys.


Drakken blinked, and looked back over at Shego. Her non-swollen eye had opened and she was peering around.

"Shego? You okay?" he said.

"I've had fourteen kinds of crap beaten out of me by a cheerleader, I'm in unending pain, and I strongly suspect I'm on the business end of a catheter. I am definitely not okay." She answered. "Where are we?"

"Switzerland. It was one of the few places where there isn't an active warrant out for us. Not only that, money makes a lot of people look the other way here."

"How long have I been out?"

"Two weeks. The doctors say that you're looking at a lot of recovery." Drakken answered.

"No, I'm not." Shego leaned her head back against the pillow.

"That's the spirit!" Drakken said exuberantly, coming closer to the bed. "You'll get well and we will take revenge on Kim Possible!"

"Yeah, sure, revenge." Shego said quietly. "Sounds like fun."

Drakken blinked. "Shego? Are you sure you're all right? I've never known you not to be up for carnage laden revenge."

"Sharon." Shego murmured, closing her eyes.


"My name is Sharon. Sharon Egan."

Drakken looked at her. "You told me your real name. You said your real name was none of my business."

Shego didn't say anything. Her head turned away from him. Drakken leaned over her.

"Shego?" He paused. "Sharon?"

The heart monitor stopped beeping and began emitting a sustained high pitched whine.