Harry Potter and the Chance at a New Life

He stared at the young couple as they waved at him from the photo album resting in his lap. They were so young, peaceful, and happy. Little did they know that they would be dead within a matter of years.

Sighing Harry James Potter sat aside the album and leaned against the head board of his bed. If only he wasn't born they would still be alive, with more kids, a happy life, and a loving family.

Damn Trelawney and that wretched prophecy, it had ruined his life. Now at the age of twenty-five he was alone in the world, just as from the beginning. All his friends had died in the war; every one he loved became a target, every one who was close to him perished. Now it was all over, Voldemort was dead.

Harry had never felt as much pleasure in ending something, until he looked down upon Voldemort's broken body and said the words to end all the pain and suffering the monster had caused him. But it wasn't enough; Harry was still alone in the world. Sure he was famous and once again hailed as the hero of the wizarding world, but that would never bring him the comfort of his friends and loved ones.

Harry glanced at his desk to where pictures of Hermonie and Ron were. With out taking his eyes from the picture he removed his wand from its holster and put it to his temple. There was only one way he would be able to see his friends again, only two words separated him and those he loves. Closing his eyes he concentrated on those he lost, and in a voice void of emotion said, "Advada Kedavra."

As the unseen green light rushed from his wand he faintly heard the song of a phoenix, soothing and peaceful. As the green light made contact, the spirit of Harry James Potter departed from the world to which he was born.


Light, bright and blinding was the first thing Harry noticed when he attempted to open his eyes. With a wire chuckle he figured he was either a) in a hospital, or b) the afterlife, which he seriously doubted was hell. Scrunching up his eyes he peered about him. He seemed to be in an expansion of pure white space that went on forever.

Hesitantly Harry called out, "Hello? Um, anybody there?"

He was seriously going to be pissed if he had to spend his afterlife alone in this annoying white space, which reminded him way to much of his time in Madam Pomprey's care.

"Well, hello there young one what brings you here today?" Said a voice that was clam yet held a mystic air about it.

Harry spun around and saw a man whom seemed ancient. He was immediately reminded of Dumbledore by his age and the fact that he was wearing purple robes with shooting stars on them. Seriously who else would be odd enough to wear such a thing?

Harry figuring he should reply said the only thing he could think of. "I am looking for my family and friends, but I seem to have been side tracked. This is the afterlife correct?"

The odd man gave a knowing smile. "It is not yet your time to join the afterlife. Harry Potter you must first live, and appreciate your life and all it has to offer, before you meet those who have gone before you. For you have been granted a second chance at the life you never had. Fate has decided to send you to another world to be with your family, but there are some things which you must know before you disembark."

Harry was gob smacked. Sure he believed in alternate universes, but Fate was offering him a second chance. To live with his parents, be normal for once, to see everyone again in the flesh. Wait? What was he suppose to know? Harry fervently prayed there wasn't another foolish prophecy he must fulfill there as well.

"In this world you were kidnapped at the age of three, which devastated your parents. Your alternate self has since been living in the states with muggles whom believe their selves to be your grandparents. You are now almost eleven and will be receiving your Hogwarts letter any day, under your true name, which will be a shock to your parents who think you are dead. Now when you merge with your other self you will receive his memories also, as well as some of his powers."

Pausing, the man looked at Harry. "Any questions young one?"

Questions? Of course he had loads of questions…who wouldn't have? But Harry was more than anything egger to meet his parents. The old man did say that he would receive his memories from this "other" self. Shouldn't that clear everything up?

"What about my personal items from my other world? Is there any ways I can take them with me?" Harry nervously looked at the man knowing the answer.

So it came as a surprise when the man snapped his fingers and Harry's trunk appeared.

"You must be very careful with your items; it would be very hard to explain why you are in your history books, eh?"

Harry grinned and thanked the man profusely. With a bit of wandless magic he shrank the trunk and placed it in his pocket.

"So, when am I off to this wonderful new world?" He said with a smile.

For the first time since the war started Harry felt hope, pure hope and an excitement at seeing his loved ones again. The old man simply smiled while his eyes twinkled in a familiar way and answered, "Now." And with that Harry Potter disappeared from that plane of existence.