Author's Note: This is a sequel to Long Weekend. I know, I wasn't planning on a sequel. But I've sorta got an idea and so this sequel was born. You might want to read my fic Long Weekend first before reading this ;-) I got the idea from the song 'Faster Kill Pussycat' by Paul Oakenfoldfeaturing Brittany Murphy. Great song. Listen to it if you can along with this fic! Okay, hope you enjoy this fic. I love feedback!

Derek spent the rest of the week trying his hardest not to think about Casey. But it was so hard. So very, very hard.

They had had sex in the lake the night before they left. She had given her virginity to him. His stepsister. And she had reminded him that nothing would become of it. That they would only have that night together. That one moment.

Derek had agreed with Casey because he had thought that he could handle it. He had had one night stands before. Hell, every girl he had slept with thus far had only been a one-time deal. He didn't want to get too involved. He didn't want commitment. And it had always been okay with him.

Up until now, that is.

Because Derek's mind kept wandering back to that night. He could still feel Casey in his arms, slippery and naked in the lake under the stars. Still hear her moans and sighs, and, in the background, the calm melody of crickets and other wildlife in the woods surrounding them. He could still vividly remember what it felt like to move inside of her.

It had felt perfect. Unlike any other feeling he had had with a girl before.

Of course, he had to get that feeling with—of all people—his stepsister. The one girl in his school he really couldn't have. And shouldn't WANT to have.

But he did want her. More than ever.

Casey slipped into a pair of cotton shorts and a tight tank-top. It had been a long week of school even though with the holiday it had been shortened to only four days. But somehow the week seemed even longer than usual.

She was extremely glad that it was finally Friday after school, the start of the weekend. Although, as usual, she had no plans for the weekend. Glad that she had nothing really to do but lounge around, she turned on her stereo and collapsed onto her comfortable bed. Closing her eyes, she tried to stop her thoughts from drifting to the forbidden subject her mind always wanted to focus on.

But it didn't work. Derek's image crept in behind her eyelids.

"Damn it," she cursed aloud quietly to herself. Her annoyingly hot stepbrother that she had had sex with less than a week ago. Her first. Yes, her first time was with her stepbrother. How wrong was that!

"So wrong," Casey answered in a mutter, opening her eyes and pulling her pillow to her chest. But Derek stayed in her mind.

He had been avoiding her since that night. Which Casey was somewhat thankful for, because she felt kind of… awkward about the whole thing. But, of course, a part of her felt a bit hurt that he was purposely ignoring her. He never made eye contact with her over the dinner table or in the school halls. He didn't even taunt or tease her as he usually did. She wondered if her mother and George had noticed that.

Of course, they probably didn't notice. They were oblivious parents. They didn't even know their two eldest children had had sex just metres away from where they slept in a thin little tent.

She wondered if Derek was embarrassed about the whole thing. If he regretted it. Or maybe he wasn't even thinking about it. Maybe he had totally forgotten about the whole thing. Maybe she was just another name on the list of girls he had banged.

"Ew," Casey wrinkled her nose. She didn't want to think about the number of girls her stepbrother had slept with. She was sure it was pretty high.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Case?" she heard her mother's voice ask.

"Yeah?" Casey replied, and Nora took it as an okay to enter the bedroom.

Casey quickly sat up a little straighter, trying not to look guilty… as if her mother would be able to tell what she had been thinking about!

"George and I were thinking about going back to the lake for the weekend… just the two of us. Before the weather gets too hot. And we both have the weekend off so…" her mother trailed off with a hopeful smile. "Do you think you could mind the kids?"

Casey blinked several times. "What about Derek?"

Nora sighed. "You know he's not that great of a baby-sitter. At least not with Edwin and Lizzie. He can probably occupy Marti for awhile, but that's about the extent of his child care talents," she laughed at herself. "So… would you mind?"

"When are you leaving?"

"Early tomorrow. Before you kids even wake up."

Casey slowly nodded. "Alright."

Nora grinned, giving her daughter a tight hug. "Thanks honey. You can have Emily over if you want, too. I'll leave you some money for take-out and movie rentals."

"Thanks," Casey said, feigning a smile as her mom happily left the room.

A whole weekend without parents. With Derek.

Not two seconds after that thought, her door was flung open. And standing there was none other than her sexy stepbrother with his hands on his hips and his tawny eyes emotionless.

"I'm throwing a party tomorrow night," he stated flatly.

Casey's mind processed the sudden intrusion and the intruder's words. Derek stood there, waiting for Casey to flip out about what he was planning.

She raised an eyebrow. "Cool," she said as indifferently as his tone sounded.

Derek tried his best not to look completely floored that Casey wasn't making a huge deal about it. "Uh… okay then," he said and spun on his heel, exiting the room just as quickly as he had burst in.

Casey gave herself a proud little smile at her easy, do-whatever-the-hell-you-want reaction.

She would play Derek's little nothing-happened-on-the-camping-trip game just as well as he did.

No… better.