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The nurse explained how Casey had had a miscarriage, and Nora comforted her daughter by holding her hand and not asking any questions. But Casey just lay there in the hospital bed, stunned.

All she could think about was how the little thing had never had a chance. And how she may have just lost the only part of Derek she would ever have.

"Derek…" Casey finally managed to croak out and Nora's eyebrows shot up her forehead. For her, all the pieces finally fit together.

"He's awake, Casey. Shortly after you left the hospital we got the call… and then we heard about your accident…" Nora pushed a stray strand of her oldest daughter's chestnut-brown hair back behind her ear. "He's going to be just fine, honey. And so are you."

Casey could only gawk at her mother, tears welling in her eyes. Just then, the door opened. It was George, wheeling in a concerned-looking (yet completely healthy) Derek.

Derek and Casey's eyes met, and it seemed like everything stood still. Nora and George exchanged glances. George looked confused and clueless, and Nora gave him a look that told him she would explain everything to him later. She motioned for him to leave, and the two of them ducked out of the room.

Derek and Casey barely noticed, still staring at each other wordlessly.

Casey broke the silence with a soft murmured, "Oh my God."

Derek stood up from the wheelchair and walked over to her, and the two shared a long, intimate hug.

"Casey," Derek said, his voice still a bit scratchy from having not used it in over a month. He pulled out of the hug only to look at her tear-stained face. "I…I heard why you were here," he said carefully, searching her eyes. "It was…mine, wasn't it?"

Casey felt her lips begin to tremble as she nodded slowly.

Derek quickly gathered her up into a tight hug again. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there, Case…" he murmured against her ear.

"I was so scared you wouldn't come back to me," Casey broke down, tears falling freely from her eyes and wetting Derek's hospital gown. "I…I was just starting to really want the baby. To have a little piece of you…" she admitted through choked tears.

"You have me," Derek said softly, rubbing her back soothingly to calm her down.

"And you have me," Casey's sobs began to grow softer and she pulled so she could see him. "I wanted to tell you… you've had me, Derek. From Day One. You've always had me."

Derek just watched his stepsister speak these honest, meaningful words and didn't know how to react. So, gently he bent his head and gave her a soft kiss of promise on her chapped lips.

Derek and Casey were both sent home the following day, and that night, Derek came into Casey's bedroom where she was resting.

"I have a confession to make," he said, startling the girl who was writing in her diary.

Casey shut the small notebook and looked up at Derek questioningly from where he stood in the doorway in his sweats, looking somewhat tentative.

"I heard you," he blurted, earning him a look of pure confusion. "When… when I was in the hospital… in the coma. I heard you read to me… and talk to me… and tell me about the baby," he shifted his feet awkwardly and looked away from her. "I, uh, heard it all."

Casey only stared at him incredulously. "You heard me?" her voice came out as a squeak, and her cheeks pinked slightly.

"Yeah," Derek affirmed, walking into the room. He slowly sat down at the edge of Casey's bed, twiddling his thumbs.

Casey bit her lip and instinctively placed a hand on her stomach. To her empty womb.

"I really wanted that baby, Derek," she said tearfully. "I was scared… but I miss the feeling of having that little life in me. That part of both of us," she couldn't meet his eyes as she said this.

"Hey," Derek said softly, reaching out and taking her chin gently in his hand and lifting it so her eyes met his involuntarily. "We have plenty of time for that."

"For what?"

"Having kids," Derek gave her a lop-sided smile.

Casey looked slightly taken aback by this. "You mean me and you?" she gestured between them.

He nodded, his smile widening. "You and me, Case." He tugged her gently towards him and captured her lips easily in a kiss full of hope. "Have my babies, Casey?" he requested in-between kisses and Casey could only smile against his lips. "Eventually, I mean..."

"Only if you promise not to run into any more burning houses, Venturi."

Derek broke the kiss as he laughed a true, full-out laugh. "Deal," he looked deep into Casey's twinkling blue eyes before sliding his lips over hers again. "Of course… this means we should start practicing right away, right?"

"Practice what?" Casey asked, her mind a little foggy from Derek's luscious lips.

"Baby-making of course," he grinned suggestively and Casey let out a laugh.

"Of course," she smiled, running her fingers through his soft hair. "Soon."

"How about now?"

"Fine by me."

Derek grinned and pushed a giggling Casey down onto her bed so they could begin their "practicing."


Song that somewhat inspired this fic: Faster Kill, Faster Still Pussycat by Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy

Faster kill faster still pussycat
I cant stand to see you cry,
Honey you know where the world is at,
Get what you want with your lucky eyes

You turn me on,
You know you're turning me, you know your turning me on,
You turn me on,
You know you're turning me, you know your turning me on

Better wake up this sleep head,
Big old world will pass us by,
So many things we could do instead,
Get what you want with your lucky eyes

Faster kill faster still pussycat
Those high heels are not your friends,
Honey you know where the world is at,
Come home with me when the party ends

You turn me on,
You know your turning me, you know you're turning me on


Heaven knows I tried to let you go,
I cant help myself you know I'm out of control,
Heaven knows I tried to let you go,
I cant help myself I think I'm losing control

You turn me on,
You know your turning me, you know you're turning me on...