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This story was made out of cheer boardom. Don't kill me. None of you will probably read it. But, right now, I have this fasination with treasure Island. I have made a sequal to it. Enjoy.

Treasure Island 2: Island of the Mist

Chapter 1: After the ending/ the beginning of the new tale.

It had been a year since I had last seen Captain John Silver. After all, truth be told, he had escaped and ran away. No one could find him. In away, I felt good, the cutlass man got away, missing death once more.

My mom had become the landlord of her own Inn. I was happy for her. The squire and Dr. Livesey had asked me to be a permanent shipmate. They gave positions besides cabin boy to me. I could use a spyglass now. I would sometimes mop the bow, or stern of the galley.

Today, I would be getting ready to sail a new boat, ship. We were going on another adventure. I had to walk down the dirt road that would soon bring me to Mr. Trelawney's building.

Before long, I was walking across the docks to look for a giant schooner with a Union Jack sail on the foresails top. I saw it. I ran to the giant schooner that gently bobbed in the water. I smiled when I saw, on the forecastle, Mr. Livesey standing on the boat.

As I got closer, all of the other ships around the schooner looked like small gigs. I took notice that this boat was big enough to hold about 2-3 Jolly boats. I walked aboard.

The mast was great; it hung from the top of a long pole. Mr. Livesley smiled, "Jim! You came!"

I looked up at him. I gave him a hug and then shook his hand, "Yes. It is so good to see you again Doctor."

The Doctor looked pleased. He gave me another smiled, "Good news, we have a captain that is not under the Jolly Roger union!" He laughed.

"Aw, you mean, we won't get marooned. Or have a mutiny again?" I tried to look disappointed, but my smile commanded me.

Mr. Livesey looked over the edge, " I heard someone blabbed about us getting away with some pieces of eight!" He gave me a look, then he smiled, "It was Mr. Squire. You know that that man can not keep a secret."

I nodded again, "Yes, but he is a good man," I paused, "Will eh be coming along?"

The doctor sighed, "Unfortunately, yes."

I laughed again, "Too bad."

The doctor and I talked over a few things. He seemed more open when we talked. He told me how the new captain of this shop was going to be a trust worthy one. He would be the one to pick the crew this time. Mr. Trelawney was to sit back and watch. I looked out at the sea that was soon to be my home. I also learned the name of the ship, The Sea Whale. And, in a way, it was a whale. The size was big, when I asked why, the doctor said, "It's the only ship the squire could get."

I smiled, "Do I get to meet anyone today?"

Mr. Levesey looked about the deck, "Well, no one had come yet. I am here to help the new captain inspect the boat." He then began to walk pass me, "I could show you the under deck, I think you'll like it Jim."

I smiled. I followed him. He was right, I probably would enjoy it.

As I walked beside him, I thought to myself, 'There will be no Gentleman of fortune on this ship, this time!' I felt more at ease with that feeling.

But then again, even though we wouldn't have them on this ship, who could say that, they wouldn't be on the Ocean?

End of chapter 1: Okay, let me explain a bit, I made this because I was board. Review. Thank you. I am also thinking of a story to have Kevin Bishop in it. (He plays Jim in the movie, Muppet Treasure Island.)


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