Chapter 15: The End

Right before I reached the end, I heard what sounded like music: gunshots. Every one of us looked behind. Dr. Livesey and what had to have been the crew were all standing and watching us. Gun's pointed.

Dr. Livesey was first to speak, "Jim, come here." They had found us! Some how, they had.

I passed Silver. He gave me a frown, all of the other men gave me death looks. I placed the treasure map near Silver and said, "There was no treasure! Only papers!" I showed him what was inside of my bag. He frowned. "Then what's that?' I gave him the piece of paper that had been rolled up in a neat way.

I smiled, "The real treasure map." I began to walk away. I heard Silver yell, "Don' ya want it Jim?"

I looked at Dr. Livesey and smiled. Then I turned back to Silver and said, "I don't need it. I have all I want and could ask for right here!" I help up the bag and then waved to Silver. I turned to Dr. Livesey, "Lets go. Leave the old man to be." I gave him a blink. Then, we all backed away.

Silver nodding his thanks for not killing his sorry hide.

We reached the new ship quickly. It was a lot faster going back then it was going forward. We took short cuts and everything.

Dr. Livesey was pleased to have me back, so was the crew. I was happy to be back.

But I did know one thing, when we left land, we all heard the loud yell of Silver, his voice booming, "JIM HAWKINS!"

I think he yelled it because on the back of the map it said this, "You need Jim Hawkins to help you find the Treasure." I gave small chuckle when, I remembered that. Then I said lowly, for what I brayed would b the last time, "Good-bye Long John Silver."

The End. I know, it was horribly written, though I have to say, I liked the plot. I figured that I would post this in the first place to fill up room. But, I wish I could have fixed the story as well, make it longer perhaps, chapter wise that is. Anyway, I would really, really like to thank those of you who have been reading this all this time, and making me finish this story. I hope that you enjoyed it for what is was worth. I also have an idea to make another story about treasure island, though it will be longer, more thought out, and much, much more adult like. Anyway, if you enjoy things like, that, I suppose you could read it if it ever comes out. See you all around.

Began: Unknown

Ending: 12:37 am



No one feels the breeze, all they want is something pathetic.

(Hopefully you can see this. It is a map of one of the treasure Island themes.)