Chapter 1: Relief

A/N: Just a small continuation of the finale.

(Lu is in an open, spacious room at Rittenhouse holding baby Milagro when she hears a knock at the door.)

Lu: Come on in.
(Jonas enters.)

Jonas (as he crosses to kiss her): Feeling better?

Lu (Chuckles): Better than what, exactly?

Jonas (Laughs, then kisses her): Good to see you still have your sense of humor. How's Mila?

Lu (Smiles as she pulls away): She's great. I just nursed her. Do you wanna hold her?

Jonas (Smiles as he lifts her out of Lu's arms): Sure,

Lu (Sighs, smiles as she watches them): Joe. I can't thank you enough. I mean, if it wasn't for you, we'd both be dead. You saved us.

Jonas (Blushes): You don't have to thank me, Lu. You and Mila are my family.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Peter are having coffee in the cafeteria.

Peter (Puts his cup down and takes Kayla's hand): I never got a chance to finish this before, Kayla, but now that Lu's okay, I can tell you that I meant what I said that night. I may not wanna be a doctor, but that doesn't mean I'd mind bein' married to one.

Kayla (Gasps): Are you proposing?

Peter (Nods as he shows her a ring): Kayla, will you marry me?

Kayla (Nods, smiles as she kisses him, then whispers): Yes, Peter.

Peter slips the ring onto Kayla's finger.

Peter: Let's go tell Lu and Jonas.

Kayla (Nods, smiles): Okay.

Kayla walks to Lu's room, Peter at her heels, and knocks on the door,

Lu and Jonas (In unison, from inside): Come in.

Kayla enters, beaming, followed by Peter.

Kayla (Smiles as she takes Peter's hand): We have good news.

Lu (Excitedly): Okay, spill.

Peter: Say hello to the future Mrs. Peter Riggs.

Lu: (Squeals): You're engaged? That's great, you guys! I'm so happy for you!

Kayla: (Squeals as she steps over to show Lu the ring): Us, too.

Jonas: (From behind Kayla as he shakes Peter's hand): I'm happy for you, too, man.

Peter: (Smiles): Thanks, Joe. Me, too.

Kayla: Can I hold her, Lu?

Lu (Nods, smiles): Sure.

(Kayla takes Mila from Jonas, tickling her a little. Lu smiles at this. She knows Kayla's gonna make a great mom one day.)