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Dozla was a man of cheerful personality and a good (If somewhat creepy) laugh. Many people in the camp were frightened of him due to his odd sense of humor and easy-to-make-fun-of demeanor. But, despite this… odd personality, he had a wonderful skill. A skill buried so deep in his shallow mind that he couldn't pull it out if he wanted to… the ability to match make!

This hidden ability awoke on a day like any other. Erika's band of mercenaries was marching to some god-forsaken battleground in the middle of nowhere when Dozla got the urge to get a hot dog at a random stack stand in the god-forsaken middle of nowhere. On his way over he saw a fuming Rennac.

"No good, stuck-up pampered princess." Rennac fumed.

"Gwah ha ha, what's the problem, laddie?" Dozla asked joyfully, forgetting the hot dog entirely.

"Wonderful! First that idiot L'archael refuses to pay me, and now you walk up to try and make conversation! I'm doomed! Doomed to the end of Magvel!" He yelled, pounding his fist against a rock, "Dozla, would you mind giving me a bit of privacy?"

"Gwa ha ha! Of course, laddie! I'll go get a hot dog, I think!" Dozla said, and started back on his wonderful quest for a hot dog.

Soon he came upon a fuming L'archael furiously hitting a rock with a Fortify stave much to the dismay of Colm, who had shelled the gold to pay for the thing out of his own earnings at the secret shop. Of course, L'archael's puny Troubadour arms were too weak to break it unless she used it eight times. "Stupid, greedy, lazy, good-for-nothing mercenary and his requests for money. Honestly! He just doesn't rest until I refuse to pay him and walk away! Gah! I hate him so much!" she fumed.

"Why is everyone so angry today? Lady L'archael, Rennac… wait… its coming to the surface of my shallow mind…" a blue glow surrounded Dozla and he jumped into the air. "They like each other!"

A few yards away, Saleh saw the new skill acquirement and, emo serious sage he is, jumped into the air and drew poor little Ewan into a bone-crushing hug with his skinny magic-user arms. "Ewan, we have something to examine!"

"And what… might that be… master Saleh?" Ewan said, choking.

"Dozla has acquired a new skill and we must find out what it is! So go find Knoll and persuade him to join us! It'll be so fun! We'll have Elfire marshmallow roasts, and create fields full of flowers, and"

"Master… how're we supposed to do this… if I've been choked to death?" Ewan asked.

Saleh released his heath hold and lost his happy moment. "Sorry."

Ewan was all too happy to get to Knoll.

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