TL:Hi guys! I know I have like 4 other stories...Anyways, this is dedicated to my friends Primy and Vanya-Deyja

Disclaimer:it wouldn' be fanfiction if I owned them...

Warnings:yaoi, blood, violence, me...

Broken Lullaby

By: Tediz-leader

The whole world shall hear this, and then cry

as I sing your broken lullaby.

Your porcelain skin, all bloodstained and torn

from the sharp knife and the brambled thorns

I had to make you understand

so I took the knife and cut your hand

your wrists, your neck, your legs, and broke everything

so you couldn't fly away on your angel wings

My Aibou, please don't fly away

please, just sit by me and stay

Oh, wait, with all this concentration

I forgot to tell you, this is all in your imagination

All I want to do is hold you close

like how a bush firmly holds its rose

Or like how a king holds his grail

or the cage holds the lovely nightingale

You are the flower, I am the vase;

you the jewel, and I the case.

Thst'd all I want and all I crave,

to hold you like a treasure in a cave.

I wish to have you in my arms

and protect you from anything that harms.

Aibou, you and I are together as one

So stop struggling, and son't try to shun

All this that I've said to you

Or else I'll make your nightmare true...

And now I sing to you , as you cry,

Your broken, broken lullaby...