I couldn't help myself. This chapter is rather silly, I think.

The sun was shining that day, bleeding through the eaves of the trees of the forests surrounding the elven haven of Imladris. There was not a light breeze in the air and it was quite uncomfortable for the human villages within the general vicinity, but not for the elves. The grass, green and free from the dew that collected on it every morning, was the site of the usual elven summer games. The training grounds were being used for the various sparring tournaments and the archery targets were home to the many arrows being shot by the contestants, in preparation for the tournament later that day. It was half past noon and lunch was being served on picnic blankets for the community to feast together on the early summer strawberries with cream.

Estel was six years old, and being old enough to count his age with both hands, he deemed himself old enough to eat as many strawberries as he wanted. With as much cream as he wanted, as well. This did not end well. His fingers were sticky with the juice and he had a face full of cream. His eyes were probably the only untouched spots. He was inhaling cream and coughing as he fought to wipe it away. Someone with a wet handkerchief caught him and his face was wiped clean.

Estel looked up and smiled innocently at his eldest brother, Elladan. "Thanks!" He chirped. "I think I feel sick." He complained, rubbing his stomach.

Elladan grinned. "I suppose you do. I don't think we have a strawberry left in Imladris, Estel!" He chided gently, ruffling his brother's hair. "Now go inside and get Erestor."


Elladan gave him a look. This look was no ordinary look. Elladan had the frightening talent of imitating their father perfectly and could duplicate his 'no-nonsense' look. Estel was immediately quieted and he bounded inside the cool halls of his home to find the advisor. Now, Estel, being only six, had not yet mastered the rule of thumb that you knock politely before entering of a room. He learned early on that one always knocked, but being six years old and impatient, it was the polite part he was working on.

Estel pounded on the advisor's door loudly. "C'mon Erestor! Everyone's waiting!" He called boisterously.

Erestor answered the door with a bored look on his face. He had been glancing out the window all day, itching to leave his study and have a day of relaxation, but they had been dealing with pleas from the nearby human villages and even though he didn't understand what the need truly was, he felt obligated to finish it so Lord Elrond would not have to deal with it after a day such as the one they were experiencing. He looked down at the tiny boy of almost seven years and sighed.

"I'm busy, Estel, go out and play." Erestor reached down and wiped the speck of cream that Elladan had missed.

"But they all want you to be out there TOO!" Estel whined. "And Elladan made me come get you and he gave me Ada's look. Again." He stomped his foot. "Just come on!"

Erestor, like Elladan, could imitate Elrond's look. Estel turned around and left to go back outside and play with his brothers. Estel sighed and kicked at the grass. After two of his Ada's famous looks (and they weren't even coming from Ada himself!), he was a bit dejected, not that he knew what that word meant. He walked across the lawn to where his brothers were sprawled out under the sun.

"Where's Erestor?" Elrohir asked, looking up at his brother.


"Why?" Elladan couldn't imagine why anyone, even stuffy old Erestor, would want to be locked inside on a day like that.


"Again?" Elrohir whined. "He's so boring! Even he should be outside!"

"I agree, my brother. But… are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Elladan acquired his natural mischievous look that Estel knew meant only bad things would follow.

"I think I am, my good brother. Does it involve lots of cream, Erestor and some of that sticky wine I was sampling earlier?" Elrohir asked, sitting up and duplicating his brother's look.

"What are you going to do?" Estel asked, getting excited.

"I believe it does."

"What are you going to do?"

"Shall one of us entice him away while the other implements this brilliant plan?"

"What are you going to do?"

"I believe that shall work well. How about I make up a problem he can help me fix and then I'll bring him back after you've given me the signal?"

"That shall work."


Elladan and Elrohir winced. "Not so loud, little brother." They said in unison.

"Its weird when you two do that!"


Erestor looked up when another knock resounded upon his study door. He got up and discarded his robe, finding it far too warm to be wearing something like that. He stretched and opened the door. He found Elrohir standing there, looking rather worried. His natural instincts warned him of possible danger, but he ignored them.

"What is it, Elrohir?" Erestor asked, his tone truly of a stressed advisor.

"Well, I was planning on singing this song with Mireth, that pretty elleth I've been spending time with, but I can't find the lyrics and she was so excited that we were going to sing!" He said all in one, large breath and Erestor felt sympathy for the young one.

"Come, what song was it?"

"The Lay of Luthien." Elrohir replied.

Erestor put a hand on Elrohir' shoulder. "Come, I know exactly where I keep the books of songs in the library."

Elrohir glanced over his shoulder at Elladan and Estel who were sneaking into Erestor's study as he, the younger twin, and Erestor walked off to the library.

Estel put both of his hands over his mouth to stop the giggles that threatened to overcome him as he realized how big and monstrous of a plan they were putting into action. They were all sure to get huge punishments (months of work in the stables and kitchens at the very least) if they were caught, but Estel realized that was what was so great about having Elladan and Elrohir as his brothers. Everyone knew the twins performed every prank and joke in Imladris, yet no one could ever find enough evidence to pin them to the act. Elladan gave his brother a warning look as they entered the study. Estel put his basket of strawberries down onto the ground and took the paper Erestor had been working on. He grinned as he squished strawberries onto it.

Elladan, however, was being entertained by his favorite part of the prank- the cream. He took a handful of it from the cauldron it had been made in and smeared it all over the desk. He opened up the closet of robes and extra tunics the advisor kept in there in case he worked all through the night and needed to change quickly for a meeting or greeting and grinned like a wolf, its jaws slobbering, waiting for its prey. He took an armful and tossed it all the clothes. Closing the closet with much gratification, he turned around.

"Estel, come help me with this." Elladan ordered.

"What are we doing?" Estel asked innocently.

"Put the cream on everything, except… well, nothing."


Erestor watched Elrohir bound out of the library with the book of lays that they had discovered in the dustiest corner of the library. Erestor sighed with a small shake of his head. That was strange. He had thought he kept that one in the front, since Lindir was a frequent comer in the library and loved to find new lays and new lyrics to put to the harp he was so skilled with. The advisor sighed and slowly continued his journey back to his study. The door was closed, and he was immediately on alert. But when he opened the door, nothing fell on it. He didn't step into anything and nothing came to hit him. It was what was in the room that horrified him.

Everything was covered in cream and strawberries. The paper he had been working on was covered in scribbles and strawberries and everything, literally everything, had cream on it. Even his chair had cream on it. He knew who the culprit was instantaneously, because the perpetrator had left him a note on his desk.

The note read:

This is what you get for staying inside when it's such a nice day. Come out or you'll find more of this same treatment to the rest of your chambers.

Erestor exited the Last Homely House, his hair unbound and free, and went up to Elladan and Elrohir who were playing with their little brother innocently.

"I'll be talking with your father about this."

Elladan glared at Elrohir. "You told me he'd be happy about it!"

"Are you really that stupid, Elladan?" Elrohir taunted.

"Yes! Yes!" Estel whispered loudly.