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Love and Vengeance

He sat alone, tracing the still-raw scar, as the sun rose.

It had been a month, and Okami now insisted that the bandage come off. She, who'd insisted this time that it be put on. That exposing the last wound to the elements had been why it hadn't healed.

This also hadn't healed. So she claimed it needed air, and off the bandage came. She took credit that the bleeding stopped.

She was wrong. He didn't correct her.

He sat alone, his sins clearly visible, dreading the sun upon his cheek.

It would remind him too much of another touch.

Author's Note: A new 100 word ficlet from me, fic 2 of the livejournal ficlet challenge. This one is for Tekli, (aka La Pia), who asked for "anything kenshin." 8 more fics of your choice to go. THey don't have to be Kenshin, either... I have a whole bunch of fandoms I'll write in for this, so just visit my livejournal acct (listed on my bio page i believe) and we'll see what I can do!

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