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xxxPoint of No Returnxxx

Chapter Eight: Marie's POV

The next night I was in the room where the ballet girls slept. I was visiting Meg. It's been so long since I've actually had a real conversation with her. We were laughing and having a good time but then Joseph Poocket decided he wanted to join us.

"You must be always on your guard or he'll catch you with his magical lasso," he said. He was telling us a story of the phantom. I didn't like the way he was talking about Erik. Wait I was standing up for him? He was controlling my life!

"That's not true!" I shouted with out thinking. The ballet girls gasped at my response. Joseph just smirked and took the rope he holding and wrapped it around my waist and me towards him.

"Don't!" I screeched.

"You dare defend the devil?" he whispered in my ear. He started kissing my neck and tried to kiss my lips but I turned away form him. The ballet girls started laughing at me except for Meg.

"Get off her!" said Meg.

"Why should I? what's the fun in that?" he laughed. Tears started pouring down my cheeks. Finally I heard the door shut. Madame Giry forcefully pulled me away from him and unwrapped the lasso around my waist. She put a protective hand on my shoulder.

"Are you alright my dear?" she whispered to me.

"I'm fine now thank you," I said as a I hugged her. Madame gently pushed me aside and glared at Joseph.

"Those who speak of what they know. Find to late to prove that silence is wise. Joseph Poocket hold your tongue!" We heard a sharp slap come across Joseph's face. We all gasped but I wasn't too shocked. Then Madame Giry put te lasso around his neck.

"Keep your hands…at the level of your eyes!" she said as she tightened the lasso but not to too tight. Finally after Giry's little speech pushed Joseph out. And attended to us.

"I'm afraid Marie you must return to your room. We have a big day tomorrow," said Madame Giry

"But mama we barley got to talk, thanks to Joseph," whined Meg.

"Megan!" Madame Giry said more sternly. Meg shut up when her mother used her full name. I said goodbye to Meg and Madame Giry led me to my room.

"the phantom has a request for you my dear," she said, she handed me a letter. I opened and my eyes widened.

"Well?" asked Madame Giry. I started reading the letter out loud.

My dearest Marie

I seem to finally agree with someone. Your father is right you have the most beautiful voice. I would like to see you continue with this voice. You will be playing the lead for the next Don Juan opening.. Oh and by the way that was not an option. I advice you to do this my dear. I will do everything in my power to make you the lead. I remain your obedient servant……


"I can't play the lead for Don Juan Christine is always the lead!!" I wailed. Madame Giry looked at the note again.

"It would be wise to obey him my dear. And I'm sure you would be fine."

I sat at the end of the bed and put my face in my and sobbed.

"Why is everyone trying to control my life? All I want is freedom."

"I know my dear. But everything will work out you'll see," said Madame. A few minute later she left me to my thoughts. I was so confused. It was almost as if I liked Erik but yet I hated him. I felt pity for him and his miserable life that he leads. I realized that we were exactly alike and it scared me.

Your obedient servant