Title: Strangers in the Night
Author: Sivan Shemesh
Beta: leggylover03
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Not mine ever were.
Spoiler: Total AU.
Summary: What the night brings to Mirkwood…
Note: was written for Mellon Challenges 100

Prompt # 24: Strangers


At night… hour before the sunset…

Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas, watched over the hill, as he scanned the area.

Mirkwood seemed the only elven kingdom that dealt against Sauron.

Therefore; Legolas had already seen it all; he'd fought against orcs, wargs, even oliphants.

Legolas sighed as he continued to do what he was trained to do. Even if he was a prince, it was all for the greater good of the kingdom that his father sent him to do these things.

Legolas' eyes scanned the forest and he smiled. The trees sang for him a song, as their branches moved with the wind, and green leaves landed on the ground. The wind caressed him, as if it were a soft touch of love.

The sight was remarkable; as fog covered the trees a bit making it look misty. Legolas' heart skipped a beat. He was stunned, amazed by nature.

He could see the birds singing their lullaby as they lay on the branches. The sound made him feel like he was in a dream.

Oh how much Legolas loved it, but then the birds flew away, as if something had scared them.

Legolas immediately looked to the sky, noticing the birds flying in circles in the red-orange sky.

Legolas notched an arrow to his bow, ready to attack whomever appeared. Legolas knew that it was up to him to save his kingdom.

He tried to aim but he couldn't. It was then he heard someone approaching behind the tree.

"Who are you?" Legolas asked, his eyes seeing nothing but black, as darkness filled the area.

He could see and hear the strangers. One of them was walking loudly, his footsteps heavy, and the other was different somehow, as the move was light.