Run Away And Stay

Set after Batgirl #45: community. livejournal. com/ scans(underscore)daily/ 951846. html

"One hot…what?" Cass says, and Tim freezes.

He knows what she's talking about, and since she's Cass, he can't pretend he doesn't. On the other hand, he had no idea how he was going to finish that sentence. He'd been so stunned by sight of Cass in Babs' old Batgirl costume that he'd just let his mouth run away with him.

He shouldn't have, but Cass could take someone's breath away with more than just a literal gut punch.

But Cass was patiently waiting for an answer, and he has to give her one because, because…because she's Cass, and she asks for so little.

He wants to give her so much. "I, um… A hot girl," he finally strangles out. Because she is a girl, and while it was true that chicks 'dug the cape' that was in Young Justice. Emphasis on the 'young.'

Cass blinks at him, and after a moment of silent contemplation says, "You…think I'm hot?"

The fact that she used the proper contraction instead of just saying 'I' lets Tim know that she must have been thinking about this more than a little. "I…yes," he says without thinking. It wouldn't do any good to deny it anyway, he tells himself, and doesn't think about how good it feels to not only not have to hide part of himself with Cass, but to be unable to.

Cass probably knows, anyway, though she might not understand his problem in its entirety. Cass never hides.

"You…what do you… What do we do?" Cass asks, and she looks so lost.

Tim knows exactly how much experience she doesn't have – one kiss with Superboy 'as friends' – and while he has more, that doesn't mean he's any better at relationships.

But generally, romances do start off with a kiss.

He's moving towards her before he even thinks about it – now it's more than just his legs that are running away with him, pun not intended – and stops less than six inches away from her, barely any space between them.

She looks at him, and sees his intent – and accepts, leaning up to him as he leans down to her. She follows his lead, titling her head slightly to the opposite side as he does, so their noses don't bump as their lips touch.

And it's…electric. A shock through his whole system how right this feels, and it's something Tim can't explain with words, but Cass doesn't comprehend completely either.

Maybe it's okay to not know everything.

And maybe he should let his mouth run away with him more often.

Cass arches up into him and moans, sending vibrations through him from their joined lips. She shivers as he strokes her back, one hand grasping her ass to bring them closer together.

Yeah, he should definitely stay with the 'run away' policy.