Short GSR fic. Sweet and angsty. It hasn't been beta-read, so let me know if there's any grammar or typing mistake. If you ignore some details, it can be read as any ship, so enjoy yourself!


You had promised it would be forever.


I had found my happiness with you, my balance. You've given a sense to my life and made it beautiful as I'd never thought it could be.

You meant everything to me.

"Why are you crying?"

You said it would be forever.

"Daddy, don't cry."

You said we'd always live together. Happily ever after.

"Please, Daddy. You're making me cry too."

I look into Maggie's eyes and I find you in her. She has blue eyes like mine, but all the rest of her comes from you.

She has your smile, the same adorable gap between her front teeth. She's stubborn and smart and so beautiful.

She looks so much like you, my love.

"Daddy, why are you crying?"

She wraps her tiny hand around mine and holds it tight, while climbing onto my lap. She snuggles against my chest and I surround her with my arms, kissing her forehead. I wish I could stop crying and find the words to tell her the truth, but somehow I can't.

"Stop crying, Daddy. Mommy will be worried if she comes back and finds us crying."

Her voice is shaking. I lift my hand to her cheeks and wipe away the two tears escaping from her eyes.

It breaks me to see her like this, especially in this moment.

I wish you were here to make it all right, like you used to do once.

"You see, honey…"

How am I supposed to tell her? How can I confess to a four-year-old girl she's never going to see her mother again?

"Mommy's not coming back."

She looks up at me. Her look is confused.

"But she promised me we'd cook, today!"

"Listen, baby, I know this is hard to take but-"

"She promised we'd make a cake for you!"



She hugs me so tight that I'm surprised by the strength she has. She obviously takes it after you.

I let her weep in silence, rocking her in my hug, trying to fill an emptiness she'll always bear inside.

"I want to see her."

"You can't now, honey."

"Why not?"

Her pain breaks my heart, or it would, if my heart was still whole. But it fell into pieces the moment I knew I have lost you.

And now nothing makes sense anymore.

"Mommy was hurt by a very bad man, sweetie, and now she… She's…"

I can't finish the sentence. I can't make it. It's like an invisible hand is pressing on my throat, silently suffocating me.

It shouldn't have been this way.

"Did you punish him? The sir who hurt Mommy? Mommy punished me when I hurt that bug."

I sigh, softly caressing her hair.

"Yes, honey, he will receive the worst punishment ever."

"So he will learn he mustn't hurt anyone."

I smile at her. She's always been very clever.

"I promise he'll never hurt anyone else."

"Don't promise. Mommy made a promise to me and she didn't keep it."

She sobs and I hold my breath, dying a little more. I wish she wasn't so right.



"Is Mommy an angel now?"

If she hadn't been here with me, I would have died with you. She's the only reason why I'm still here, fighting for a blind justice.

Half of me, though, now is gone with you.

"Yes, honey, she's an angel and she'll always look down at us from heaven."

She wraps her arms around my neck, stroking her face against my shoulder.

"I miss her so much."

I kiss the top of her head, gently rubbing her back.

I wonder if these tears will ever stop falling from our eyes.

"I miss her too, kiddo, but she said goodbye to us."

If only I had realized earlier how happy we could be together. If only I hadn't been so frightened to show you my love. If only I had listened to you, that day. I understood too late there was no life without you.

We've been together for five years. I'll never be grateful enough for what you brought into my life.

"Is goodbye forever, Daddy?"

I nod, swallowing hard. I can't speak.

"I'm not ready to say goodbye to Mommy."

Her words hit me in my chest like a million blades.

It's the same thing you said five years ago.

And now I'm still not ready to say goodbye, but you're gone, and no matter if I was ready or not.

"We'll see her again, one day."

You said you loved me.

You said you loved us. Me and Maggie.

You said everything would be fine and our life would be wonderful.

We were perfect together.

Why did you have to go? Why did you leave us so soon?

"I love you, Daddy."

You said it would be forever.

"I love you too, baby."

And you lied.