Title: What Folly Reason, What Folly Hope
Rating: PG-13
Characters: everyone, but emphasis on House and Wilson's best-buddy status with Cuddy and Cameron in supporting roles
Spoilers: "No Reason," "Meaning" (S3E1)
Summary: A fill-in beginning after the first scene in "No Reason" and ending with the first scene in "Meaning."

Well, the new episode of the new season has given me some good stuff to finish this fic with. (No spoilers in this particular chapter.) My schedule is absolute hell, though, so I have only a short piece for you now and can't say when I'll have more. But I feel the compulsion to write that means I won't sleep if I don't write, so hopefully that means more soon. Happy New Season everyone.


Up from Sleep


The vivid, lurid dream involving Wilson, Cuddy, and Exam Room 1 he'd been having melted into the sound of something clacking sharply against the side of the bed.


He cracked his eyes open to see Cuddy standing over him holding his cane like a weapon. He lifted his head from under the pillow and stopped as the dream flashed in front of him. At the same moment, he realized he couldn't get up. Not with her standing there. And it was all her fault, too.

"I can't get up," he said simply.

Cuddy's eyes rolled to the side and she let out the exasperated sigh he was so familiar with.

"Yes, you can," she countered.

Not missing a beat, he swung his head around to see that Wilson too had been startled awake and jerked his head in Cuddy's direction.

"Oranges," he said simply to Wilson.

Wilson blinked, confused, and then meaning crashed down on his head. Open-mouthed, he glanced at Cuddy.

"He can't get up," Wilson echoed.

Cuddy just shook her head.

"You," she said pointedly to House, "I want out of my ICU. You're in 2033 now. So is your food. As soon as you can get up again, you," now she looked to Wilson, accusatorially, not having expected collusion so soon, "get him down there."

Wilson finally closed his mouth and nodded his ascent. Cuddy was gone before either of them could get another word in.

House looked to Wilson again with raised eyebrows. "The witch is back," he said. "And by witch I mean—"

"Yeah, I get it," Wilson said, getting to his feet.

House winked. "Better get on it, tiger."

Wilson sighed long-sufferingly and scratched the back of his neck. "Five minutes?"

House pretended to think very deeply, his face wrinkling dramatically.

"Hmm, better make it ten."

Half-way to the door, Wilson let his shoulders slump forward.

"Fine," he grumbled.

"I'd do the same for you if you were coming out of a week-long coma," House pointed out as he watched Wilson close the blinds.

"Let's hope we never have to find out," Wilson said before he plodded out of the room.

House smiled, happy to be free of pain and to have embarrassed Wilson in front of Cuddy, and carelessly rolled onto his back.