Anna is in her room alone lying on her bed. She kept thinking of her family. She asked herself. 'Why should it bemy family to kill Dracula? Why me? Why not other hunters?' Anna sighed.


Anna was8years old and Velkan was 10 years old, their mother was still alive that time.

Anna and Velkan are inside their library looking at their family pictures. Then Anna notice in their familyalbumthat theirs apicture ofmanthat shehaven't known yet. He's hairislong and is pure black and pulled back with a golden clip, his outfit is like a military look but all black and his skin is pale.

Then Anna asked Velkan." Velkan, who's this man in this picture in black?" Then Anna pointed her finger to the picture.

"That's Count Vladislaus Dracula, our family's enemy." Velkan replied.

"Why is he our enemy?" Anna asked.

"Well, it's a long story.." Velkan replied while scratching his head.

"Com'on Velkan! I'm just asking why he's our enemy." Anna smiled.

"Well, ok." Velkan said.

Then Velkan turned the page and showed a picture of an old man. "See this picture? this is our great great great great great great grandfather. He's the father of count Dracula."

Then Velkan turned the page and showed a picture of another man. "And this is Gabriel Van helsing, Count Vladislaus' friend."

"Wow, they're both cute." Anna giggled. Then Velkan raised an eyebrow an smiled at his sister.

"Count Vladislaus and Gabriel were friends since they first met. Until, his father told Gabriel to kill Vladislaus for some reason. Gabriel got shocked why his father wanted to kill his own son. He really didnt want to kill his own friend, you know what he did? Velkan asked.

Anna shooked her head. "He killed him." Velkan said.

Then Anna covered her mouth with one hand and got shocked. "Oh my goodness." Anna said

Then Velkan continued the." Then the count was brought to life and killed his father. And he's the son of the devil, also a powerful vampire. Thats why we're on a fight."

"Oh.. I see.." Anna said.

Then Velkan closed the picture album and stood up to put back the family albums to the shelves while Anna is still sitting on the sofa.


"Yes?" Velkan asked.

"Why does it have to be us to kill Dracula?" Anna asked.

Then Velkan paused for a moment. Then he replied. "I.. I dont know.."

(End of flashback)

She then got up from her bed then went to the window and opened the curtains to look outside the window.

The moon is full and many stars are twinkling, and the village looks peaceful today. "What a beautiful view.." she sighed. Then she looked at the tree with many flowers.

She noticed that there's a black figured man sitting on the branch of the flowered tree. She looked closely to see who the man is. But its too dark coz the moon is now covered with clouds. After seconds, the moon showed up. So she can now see who the man is.

It was none other than Dracula, smiling at her.

She got shocked so she quickly closed the curtains so that she won't see his ridiculous smile.

"Why is he here?" she said. So she quickly put her necklace with a cross, her bootsand her sword. She went out of her room, then carefullyrun quitely so that her brother won't wake up and went outside and went to their garden. But no one's there.

She lookedbehind the branches and treesher garden to find Dracula. But still, she can't find him. "Show yourself Dracula! I know you're in here!" she shouted.

Then he appeared from the shadow. And Anna is now ready for action.

"Well hello, Anna. So nice to see you again." The count said and smiled. which made Anna felt disgusted.

"Why are you here?"Anna cried. Then she pulled out her sword.

Then Dracula took a step forward while Anna took a step backward.

"Just dropping by to say hello." Dracula said.

"Well, you have to leave now. How rude of me. And if you dont want to leave, I'll make you leave!" Anna said. Then she raised her sword, ready to attack.

But Dracula quickly grab her wrist and squezzed her wrist so that she can let go of her sword. Anna moaned of the pain then she let go of her sword so that he'll stop squezzing her wrist. But still he wouldn't let go of her wrist even when she let go of her sword.

"Let go of me you stupid bastard!" Anna demmanded.

"Why?" Dracula questioned, still holding her wrist.

"Because I told you so!" Anna said.

Then she grab Dracula's hand and tried to remove his hand on her wrist, but still he won't let go. She tried to punch him but dracula caught her wrist with his other hand. Then he let go of her wrist and her hand and wrap his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him.

"Is that all you can do to stop me, Anna?" He smiled.

"Why are you here and what do you want anyway?" Anna said trying to pull away.

Then Dracula chuckled. "I just want to see you."

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