Anna woke up early in the morning; she didn't remember what happened last night. She only remembered about her and Dracula kissing last night. 'I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I really enjoyed that kiss…' She thought. She got up from her bed and left her bedroom, Then Anna went to her brother's room. She knocked the door, but no one answered. 'Maybe he's in the kitchen.' She thought. So she went down stairs and to the kitchen, there she found Velkan cooking.

"Goodmorning, Velkan." Anna said sleepily.

Then her brother turned around, "Goodmorning, Anna."

Anna smelled the delicious scent of her brother's cooking.

"What are you cooking?" She asked.

"Pancakes." He replied, He flip the pancake with a spatula. "Ooo.. my favorite." Anna smiled.

"I know, so how many do you like?" Velkan asked.

"Two please, I'll make us orange juice while you cook." Anna said.

Then she grabed a container filled withpowdered juicefrom the closet and big bottle of water. While she was mixing the water and the powdered juice, she hummed. Then her brother is done making the pancakes, he put them on his and Anna's plate, and the same Anna is done making the juice. Then they both sat down and ate their breakfast.

When Velkan was half way done eating his breakfast, he said to Anna. "I saw you smiled lastnight when you were sleeping, I wonder why?" Then he raised an eyebrow and smiled at her.

Anna's face turned a little red when he said that, she didn't want to tell him about what happened lastnight.

"Well, maybe I just had a good dream." Anna lied but smiled.

But Velkan just kept smiling at her, He's always happy when he sees his little sister smiling.

"What?" Anna asked and smiled.

"Nothing, i just thought you kissed a boy before you slept or something." Velkan teased his sister.

He went to the sink and cleaned his plate. While Anna, just sitting down and looked at Velkan in total shocked.

"What gave you that idea?" Anna said trying to deny the truth.

"What? I'm just teasing." Velakn replied.

Anna sighed, then she gave her plate to Velkan. "Hey! Why should Iclean your plate?" Velkan asked and looked annoyed.

"For thinking that I kissed a boy lastnight before I slept." Anna said and smiled. "I'll just stay here and watch you clean my plate!" Anna said and laughed.

"Do I look like a maid?" Velkan raised an eyebrow. Anna stop laughing and told her brother.

"I'm just joking! I just wanna be even with you!" Anna replied and hugged her brother.

Velkan chuckled. "Ok then, heres your plate." He gave the plate to her, so they cleaned their plate, glasses, forks and knives.

after 10 minutes

"I'll just go outside and get some fresh air." Anna said.

She went outside and looked at the beautiful view of the spring, she then stretch her arms out and smelled the spring air. "I wish father was hear, he would take us to rome whenever it's spring." she said to herself. She sighed, she really missed her father. It's because of that pathetic Dracula, her father died. 'Don't worry, someday I'll get my revenge!' She thought. But she thought again about lastnight, the way he held her.. The way he joked her.. And the part were he... 'Stop thinking of him! he's not that romantic anyway. His looks, are not that... Handsome.. and his eyes.. so, dark blue.. so beautiful dark blue eyes... and so black hair..' She sighed 'Oh why does it have to be love at first sight! Why can't I like him if he's not a stupid demon?' She thought loud. 'I know! I'll just find a guy who looks more handsome then him. YA! thats right!' She thought to herself. 'No, theres no goood-looking guys here in Transylvania...'

"Nevermind then..." She said to herself. She then sat on a wooden bench next to the flowered tree, suddenly a flower fell down from the tree. Then it dropped on Anna's lap. "Hello, whats this?" She asked herself. She picked up the flower from her lap, the petals are light pink. And it doesnt look old yet, it's just young. Anna smiled at the sight of the flower. It reminded her about her mother, She loves those kind of flowers. Pink and young.

Then tears filled her brown eyes, she really missed her mother more than her father. She closed her eyes and squezzed the flower. An image appeared in her mind, her mother.

"Why is my little princess crying?" A familiar voice said.

Then Anna opened her and see who said that, it was none other than dracula.Ssitting right next to her. She moved away from him but he came closer to her, then he ran his fingers through her hair.

"I'm not in the mood today, Count." Anna said and looked away from his face.

"Why? Is it because of your mother?" He asked. Then Anna's chest ached because she missed her mother too much.

The sad princess didn't reply to his question because of the pain.

Instead she told him. "I'll call my brother to help me fight you." Anna replied in a cold voice.

Then the Count laughed. "No need my princess, I used a spell to make him think you're not in danger. So we can be here, alone." He said.

Then he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close to him, and hugged her tightly. Like he wanted to cheer her up.
Anna let him hugged her, she needed a hug anyway.

"Please don't be sad anymore, I hate it when you're sad or hurt." Dracula said in a worry voice.

"Anna stopped crying, she can'tbelieve of what he's saying. She looked up to his face, and looked deeply in his dark blule eyes while he's smiling at her. Suddenly, she felt warm. "Why do you care for me? Your my family's enemy, I'm your enemy! And people don't care about their enemies!" she cried, and then her eyes filled with tears again. Then the princess covered her eyes with her hands so that Dracula won't see her tears falling, Dracula felt guilty of her, after all he killed her mother when Anna was young.

So then he removed her hands away from her face, and wipped away her tears with his thumb. Anna felt warm hands instead of cold hands.

"I'm sorry." the Count said calmly.

But Anna replied in a rude manner. "OH, now you're apologizing! You know sorry isn't enough for me when someone took away my family!"

Then she ran away from him, as usual. At last she's inside the manor, not like lastnight. Anna locked the door of the entrance of the manor, and find Velkan to warn him about Dracula. She went to a room were the guns, swords and pistols are kept. Then she went upstairs to look for Velkan, and to warn him about Dracula. She knocked Velkan's door, but he didn't answer.
She then went in every room but still , no Velkan. But she didn't look at her room, so she went to her room.

The room is dark, no candles are lighting, curtains are closed. Good thing there's a lamp right next to her room. So she went inside her with her lamp, she wondered why her room is dark now even though it's 9 o'clock in the morning. "Velkan?" she whispered, no answer. She heard a scream inside her bathroom, her heart pounded. She hoped that nothing happened to her brother. She went to the bathroom door, and paused so that she won't be that scared. Slowly, she opened the door knob.

"Velkan? Are you in here?" she asked, but all she heard is a groan. There she found Velkan, right next to the sink siiting on the floor and gasping for air. She slowly approached to him, "Velkan. are you ok-" She paused when she saw the floor with blood drops and strips of clothes. "Oh my God." she whipered, she saw a big wound on Velkan's chest.

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