Iman, when is it real?

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It was a boring Sunday afternoon, so I decided to go online and see who was at the Iman chat. Unfortunately it was down, so I was browsing the site, and I was brought to transcripts of past chats. So I read through a few from members of the cast. I got bored, so I went to (the Newly found concept for me) I read a few very intense Iman Fanfics.

I was prompted to the idea of addressing a character not the actor/actress such as talking about the Keeper as a person, not development of a TV character. This led me to question, "When is it real?"

Lets start from the bottom, the actors, view it as a portion of themselves, not a reality, just a creative way to let go, or as just a job. They are the base work of the World of Iman, although they are arguably the least (dare I say) obsessed. Next would be the writers, there job is to invest the needed material to make the show seem real, they are the builders of the world. Every Iman concept comes from these people, who are essentially fans who know and control everything in the Iman world, they would have to be the largest contributors to the Iman world.

So you like the show, you go to the site, you go to the chat, and you realize it's probably in your opinion the best place to be on the net. Even though the chat is hardly ever Iman. That's one place where the world is woven, you get to talk to other similar fans, and see what they believe. Others would include fan clubs, chats, Fan pages, and the infamous

So now your living in a world, where your not necessarily a "superfan" nor a celebrity stalker, but you get into the minds of fictional characters who don't exist, write about it, talk about it, and dream about it. Is it real?

What would you say makes a reality? So, now do you see your reality bending a little to incorporate this fantasy idea. Is it real if you want it to be? Is it real in the chatroom, or the message boards, or role-playing, or fan club? Is it a reality when you meet a character, not an actor? I'm not criticizing fans, I am a full-fledged Iman fan. Even to an outsider, who stumbled onto this world of Iman they too feel like it has taken on a life of its own.

No matter what, there will never be a "Darien Fawkes" or "Robert Hobbes" in reality. But would you consider the collective will, imagination, or ideal of this world, where your presence matter so much to a group of people who don't know you, a reality?
What exactly defines a reality? Would you call the Fan's world of Iman to any extent a reality?
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