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(A.N: For Amnesia Nymph. Hehe, I warned you it would probably turn out kind of abstract, but I hope you like it.)

Raging Sea, Sands of Time
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The sea had been the lover of the sky before, and she had thought that it would be this way forever, but it wasn't. Some things, seemingly eternal, were truly never made to last. The sky had been too distant, too aloof, its winds doing nothing more than controlling the sea. They had been in love before, but nevermore: the distance between them had grown too great.

The sea, however, could not bear to be alone, so it turned to another for comfort: one who had forever seemed distant to her but was, in truth, forever around her. The sands of time were forever shifting, never around for long: but that was because she had another duty and nothing binding her to there. In the end the sea bound the sand to her, perhaps in much the same way as the sky had once done to her.

In the end the sea took control of the sands, its raging waves wearing the sands down until there was almost nothing left. She did not mean to, but she could not help it; it was in her nature to flit between tranquil and tempestuous, was it not? Though the calmer side had dominated when she was controlled by the sky, the darker, tempestous side controlled the sands. She realised that she was becoming more and more like her past lover with each passing day. In the end she realised; the sky had left her so as not to harm her or enrage her any more that she already had. She let the sands go: even being alone was better than hurting someone so much, she realised that now, just as the sky had before her.