... B e t t e r ... l a t e ... t h a n ... n e v e r ...

By Miss P

Summary: Death made her realize a few things,
but maybe it's not too late to send the message

The Pretender/Ghost Whisperer Crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and I'm not getting paid for writing it.

Chapter One


The single gunshot to the head ended the Ice Queen's life forever.

She hadn't seen it coming and the pain as she got hit only lasted for a brief moment.

She could feel herself leave her body, but she didn't leave the place. Her spirit was soaring over her dead body, tears running freely down her cheeks as she realized what had happened.

The pain in his voice as he clutched her lifeless body in his arms broke her heart. She didn't have a clue the pretender felt like this, did he really love her? He had cared, she knew that, but seeing him now made her realized more than she had realized during her whole lifetime.

She didn't know if it had been an accident or if someone wanted her dead. But it didn't matter; there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

It was a small town and she'd just gotten there, following a new lead on Jarod.

People who witnessed the shooting came running to the place. The questions were pouring down and Jarod just held on even tighter to the body. He didn't want to talk, couldn't they se that?

"Oh Jarod… I can't stand seeing you sad… there's so much I should have told you… I'm sorry, how could things have ended like this?"

She wanted to walk up to him, but her feet felt heavy and she couldn't bring herself to move.

"I love you… oh Parker…" Jarod buried his face in her soft hair and wept.

"I love you too, oh god I wish you could hear me…" she didn't feel weak admitting it, not anymore. There was no one who cold hear her anyway, she was dead…

A young woman stared at her, really stared. After quite a long time she came closer and Miss Parker felt her heart jump. Could she see her?

"Can you see me?" she whispered. Maybe it isn't too late after all…

The woman nodded. "I own the store over there," she pointed at an antique shop down the road. "I saw what happened… and I think…" she continued but got cut off.

"Who the hell are you?" I don't care if you own the world; I just want to talk to Jarod… gee!

"My name is Melinda Gordon," the woman started. "I ehm, I have a gift, I can communicate with earthbound spirits who hasn't crossed over to the other side…"

Miss Parker looked at her with big eyes. She didn't know what to say. "I just…" she looked down at her body in Jarod's arms. "I just died," she whispered. This is the strangest thing that ever happened to me…

Melinda nodded. "Is there anything you want me to say to your boyfriend?" Melinda looked at Jarod, than back at Miss Parker. She quickly looked around to see if anyone was staring at her. She didn't want people to think she's crazy. It happened all too often that she was talking to a spirit in public and someone saw her.

Miss Parker suppressed the impulse of telling this girl Jarod isn't her boyfriend. Instead she nodded silently. There was one thing he needed to hear. One thing she had wanted to tell him all of her life…