The undergrowth trampled under her paws, her beautiful blue eyes shone with excitement and her fluffy tail perked up. She gave a quick lick to her short fur as she darted through the forest. Her name was Snowpaw.

Her mentor, Shadowstep, was looking for her, "Snowpaw! It's not funny any more!" He growled as he came into sight.

Then she leaped on him, throwing him to the dusty ground.

"Ha Ha!" She screeched with laughter.

Shadowstep straightened himself up, "Snowpaw...You shouldn't have been dancing through the woods while we are trying to train!" He spat.

Snowpaw flattened her ears, "I'm sorry, Brambleclaw..."

Shadowstep flicked his tail for her to follow him back to camp. When they got there, it was almost sun high.

"Cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather underneath the High Rock for a Clan meeting." Her mother, Leafstar, called from the High Rock.

Cats slinked into the clearing and yawned.

"What's going on?" Snowpaw looked at her father, Glacierclaw, "I don't know..." She murmured. No apprentice was made and no warrior was being christened.

Leafstar looked worried, "Last night, our medicine cat, Littlecloud, reported that he had a dream about another prophecy."

She glanced over at Littlecloud, how bowed his head.

Leafstar meowed again, "And it said that a storm would be coming." Some elders muttered to each other while queens looked frightened and apprentices bristled with excitement.

Leafstar then leaped off the High Rock. Glacierclaw darted up to her, "Leafstar..." He murmured.

Snowpaw looked at her best friend, Brookpaw.

"Brookpaw, what do you think it means?"

Her dark gray friend's blue eyes twinkled, "I don't know but it sounds exciting! A storm!" She reflected and her tail fluffed up.

"Brookpaw!" a harsh but amused voice called. It was Sunbeam.

"Sunbeam!" Brookpaw said. Her ears flattened as her mentor walked up to her, "I thought you said that you were hunting."

"I was, but then I came back to camp because Phoenixfeather said that Leafstar was calling a meeting."

"Well, don't listen to Phoenixfeather. He's an old grouch. Come on, let's train."

Brookpaw flicked her ears in farewell as Sunbeam and Brookpaw went out of camp. Snowpaw sighed to Shadowstep, "Are we going to train?"

"Not after today. We'll train in two suns. You deserve a rest."

Snowpaw nodded and grabbed up a squirrel from the fresh-kill pile, sitting under a tree at the far side of the clearing. Then she saw a large black tom apprentice near her by the apprentice den. His fur was short and sleek and his eyes were dark gold.

"Hey, Ravenpaw!" Snowpaw called, but the dark tom just glanced at her, blinked, and carried on talking with Tallpoppy, his mentor. The long-legged she-cat tabby was talking about his training.

"You should be a warrior near next moon's nearing..." The she-cat was saying. Ravenpaw looked happy and they departed. Ravenpaw slipped away out of camp.

"Ravenpaw?" Snowpaw finished her squirrel and she raced out of camp behind her friend.

"Ravenpaw...Where are you going?" She whispered to herself as she veered away from camp. Ravenpaw was out of sight and Snowpaw was left there, blankly.

"Er..." She murmured and then she heard the undergrowth snapping behind her. She whipped around but it was only a vole. She didn't want to hunt. She needed to find Ravenpaw.

Her bright white fur shone through the forest so she was an easy target for any passing warriors to scold her for being so far from camp. Her paws kneaded anxiously on the ground. The sun was going down and it was almost time for the Gathering.

Suddenly, her bright blue eyes caught movement and a heavy weight fell on her.

"AHA!" a familiar voice said and Snowpaw heard a cat laughing as she leaped to her feet.

It was Ravenpaw.