Brookpaw smiled excitedly as she saw her friend.

"So...How was Lionpaw? He's very handsome..." She teased.

Snowpaw sighed impatiently and finished off her prey, rolling onto her back.

Most of the cats from camp were going to bed now and soon, Brookpaw, Cinderfur, and Snowpaw were the only ones awake. Cinderfur finally yawned and slipped into the warrior den. Brookpaw glanced at her friend.

"Are you meeting Lionpaw tonight?"

"How did you know!"

"You don't usually stay up this late..."

"Who cares?" Brookpaw gave her a disbelieving look and pranced into the apprentice den with a "Good night!".

Snowpaw stood up and quickly and quietly slipped out of camp. She looked at the river as she neared ThunderClan territory. The RiverClan camp was on the other side of the river and ThunderClan territory was only a couple mouse-lengths away.

She heard a rustle and it was Lionpaw.

"Lionpaw!" Snowpaw purred.

Snowpaw rubbed her nose against his cheek. Lionpaw purred.

"So..." He looked down at his paws.

"What about those interesting visitors?" He gave a mischievous glance at her. Snowpaw rolled her eyes, "We have them 'captive' but they're ok..." There was silence and they sat, side-by-side, facing the river together.

Suddenly, Lionpaw twined his tail with hers. Snowpaw felt her fur get hot and she looked away, embarrassed. But then again, her light blue eyes shone with pride and love as the moon reflected down on them. The silver, light clouds above even gshimmered. Was StarClan...praising them?

They both looked into the silvery river and they heard a twig crack behind them. Angry amber eyes were glaring at them from a thorn bush. A sleek, large, black, furry body shot out of the bush and headed back to the ShadowClan camp.

"Oh no...Oh no...Why him!" She wailed softly and stood up frantically.

"What?" Lionpaw asked worriedly.

They looked into each other's eyes sadly and Snowpaw then hissed,

"That was Ravenpaw! He's found out!"