"Come-on dobe." Team 7is going camping in Konoha forest alone before all of rookie 9 joined in the next day, their mission was to find a nice camping spot, and the others would bring food and entertainment.

" Shudup Sasuke-teme!" Naruto fumed as he ran up to his teammate.

"Dobe, you're the only on that hasn't become a Chuunin, you're so weak, Sakura can beet you to a pulp in one hit." Naruto kept silent. "Now you're quiet whets wrong with you?"

(Dot dot dot)

" Aren't I supposed to be the silent one and you the one that doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut?" Again no words. "DOBE?"

"Baka what's wrong with you?" Sakura said in her usual whiny voice that sounds worse the nails against a chalkboard.

"I'm fine I just happen to not really like you both right now." Naruto answered with no emotion.

"Come-on I'm sure you didn't mean that." Kakashi joined in.

" This is a nice place to camp we should stay here." He started to unload his small tent .Soon enough everyone else joined in.

" Naruto Sasuke and me are going to check out the surrounding area want to come?" Sakura Smiled at Naruto.

"No thanks but have fun." Naruto smiled then stated to unload his bag.

" Common Naruto it'll be fun"

" I already know the area." he said in a cheery tone.

"Yea, right. Bye Idiot." Naruto twitched but it went unnoticed.

In Naruto's mind

How can you stand her kit?

She's my teammate.

Some teammate! Sasuke's worse! Why don't you just beet him up I mean you're the most powerful ANBU. You're doing all the behind thescenes Hokage Bisness.

The villagers will go Berserk if they knew.

Then why don't you at least show that you're a girl!

The villager might do worse things to me.

It's all about them ne?

-Snort- yea it. is.


Sakura's In trouble!

Naruto Rushed to her as fast as he could as well as Kakashi. Only to find Lee beaten to a pulp, and a fuming Sakura over him

"How'd he get here?" Kakashi asked

"He's here with us, he spotted Sakura and decided to greet her." Neji showed up from behind a tree as well as Tenten.

Naruto laughed. "What's so funny Dobe?" Sasuke glared at him. Naruto Shrugged. " This entire situation, why did you hit him Sakura?"

"He scared me." Naruto Snorted. " And you call yourself a ninja."

" You're 14 ands still at genin level I wouldn't be talking if I were you." Sakura glared.

" You're not me, get over it . So do you guys want to join us in camping? You can gather supplies and come with the rest of the rookie 9 tomorrow."

" Sure we'll see you guys tomorrow." Tenten smiled.

"Great bye guys." Naruto smiled back " I'm going for a walk I'll see youthree in a few hours." he kept his smile when he faced Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi.

Ok so to clear stuff up-

they are camping with a bunch of people

Naruto's a powerful Ninja and the rest don't know it ( He's a She too)

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