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Fate Interrupted

Temperance Brennan stared in deep concentration at her navy suitcase that rested by the door. She made a mental check sheet of everything she had packed the night before; clothes (both professional and casual), underwear, pajamas, tooth brush, shampoo, body cleanser…did I pack my swim suit?

She thought back to the night before, deciding that she did not pack it. Brennan quickly retrieved the garment in her room and stuffed it into one of the side pockets. She didn't expect to actually have time to need it because of her consulting work in San Diego, but still it never hurt to be prepared.

Glancing at the clock wall she noticed the time. She wanted to leave soon to avoid the morning rush. She took one last glance over her apartment, still trying to remember if she'd forgotten anything. Satisfied, she grabbed her suitcase and laptop before locking the door behind her.

When she was settled in the taxi she pulled her cell phone from her purse and dialed Angela.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" Angela answered cheerfully.

"You're still picking me up from the airport on Friday, correct?" Brennan asked.

Angela rolled her eyes, "No, I was thinking about leaving you there. Of course I'm coming to get you! Do you know how many hot business guys hang around the airport?"

"I just wanted to be sure." Brennan said ignoring her friend's comments, "Do you have my flight information?"

"Bren, you haven't even left yet and you worried about coming back. Relax, enjoy your vacation."

Brennan frowned, "It's not a vacation Ange. I'm doing some consulting for a lab in San Diego."

"Well at least make a day to lay on the beach with a hot guy."

"I don't think I'll have enough time for that."

Angela laughed, "Well, I'd make time. Maybe you'll sit by someone cute on the plane. Isn't your flight like 8 hours? That's plenty of time to chat…hey you could even join the mile high club!"

"I don't know what that means."

"Never mind. Anyways, I've got to go. Hodgins is going to wither away if we don't go to lunch soon. Bring me back something cool!"

Brennan frowned, "Hodgins doesn't seem to suffer from malnutrition."

"Figure of speech, sweetie. Bye!"

"Oh. Bye." Brennan stuffed her phone back into her purse, patiently awaiting her destination.

Seeley Booth cursed as he hit another red light.

"Oh, come on!" He honked at the car in front of him that slowed at the yellow light.

Booth looked down at his watch and sighed. He only had 45 minutes until his flight left. If he didn't make it to the airport soon he wasn't going to be in San Diego before the rehearsal dinner of his best friend's wedding.

He was starting to regret not packing the night before. Who knew it'd be so hard to get a tuxedo into a suitcase?

He zoomed forward and past the grandma driver when he saw the green light, speeding the rest of the way. If I run to the terminal I might make it. He thought as he was turning into the airport's long term parking. He quickly grabbed his parking ticket and luggage before running to the check-in counter.

He asked breathless, "Has the 10:20 to San Diego left yet?"

The elderly woman behind the counter scanned her screen, "No, but it leaves in 15 minutes. If you hurry you might make it."

"Great. Seeley Booth." He said, handing over his ticket and I.D.

He checked his suitcase, grabbed his carry-on and ran to…glancing down at his ticket, Gate B-7, Seat 9-B.

As she was boarding the plane, Brennan looked down at her ticket to find her seat assignment. 9-A. She made her way through the main aisle and saw her seat. She was relieved to see no one occupied the seat beside hers.

Brennan settled into her seat and immediately grabbed her notebook. She would have plenty of time to jot down some ideas for her first novel. She glanced up every so often, watching the passengers board, silently hoping the creepy bald guy who tried talking to her in the gate area wouldn't be sitting next to her.

Booth was almost to the gate when the bag slung over his shoulder clipped an elderly man, sending his briefcase falling to the ground. Booth's eyes flew to the direction of the gate and came back to rest on the man picking up his papers which littered the ground.

"I'm so sorry, sir." Booth said making his way to the older man. He bent down and scooped up some papers, offering them with an apologetic smile.

The man smiled, "Quite all right, I assure you. I've had to run to make a few flights in my day. You'd better hurry."

Booth grinned, "Thanks." He said, grateful the guy wasn't upset.

He jogged the last few feet, stopping short when he saw the closed terminal door.

"Damn…excuse me, miss! Has the flight left already?" Booth quickly asked one of the employees who stood ata counter in the gate area.

The tall, blonde woman nodded her head. "Yes sir, I'm afraid the aircraft is already on the run way."

"Crap. Well, do you have anything else going to San Diego soon? Like in the next few hours?" he asked hopefully.

After clicking a few keys, the blonde smiled. "Yes, we have a flight to San Diego departing at 12:15 this afternoon. Would you like me to see if I can get you on that flight?"

Booth smiled thankfully, "Yes, that'd be great."

"Okay, and if you can just give me your ticket for this flight I can refund it and put it forth the next flight."

"Can you do that?" he asked, surprised that he wasn't going to have to pay extra.

The blonde smiled, "I can today." she flirted. She was disappointed though, when it seemed he wasn't going to respond in kind.

Booth was too peeved at himself for missing the flight to flirt now. After receiving his new ticket he sat down in his new gate area and grabbed his phone.

"Hey Randy, I got some bad news…I might be a little late for the rehearsal dinner."

Brennan looked up when she heard the flight attendant close the flight door, followed by the captain's announcement. She watched the last passenger disappear down the aisle, taking a seat somewhere behind her. Brennan glanced at the empty seat to her right, remembering Angela's words…

Maybe you'll sit by someone cute on the plane.

"Maybe next time, Ange" she murmured as the plan began to taxi to the runway.