Title: To Call You Mine
Author: Lisa
Chapter: Prologue
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
Well, here's my newest piece of fanfiction! Am I writing too many prologues? Well, not to worry, I have the WHOLE summer to finish the 6-7 fics I've started! Now, this fic does not have an original plot at all, but I just want to try my hand at writing it, so..bear with me. It's an alternate reality. Usagi and her friends are 16, and Mamoru's 16 ½. They're in their last year on high school. Enjoy and please review!
Disclaimers: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
Usagi Tsukino fiddled with her worn pencil as she yawned tiredly, staring about the classroom lazily while failing to listen to her teacher during her lecture. It was seventh period math, one of Usagi's most awful subjects. She was always horrible at math, and never really bothered to try to do well in that subject area. Usagi yawned once more, her blue eyes scanning around for something, or rather, someone. Her gaze settled upon her fellow classmate, Mamoru Chiba. He was one of the most popular people in the entire student body. His dark bangs hung lowly over stormy blue eyes, his expression unreadable as he took in the information the teacher was presently explaining. Ever since the day Usagi met Mamoru, a couple years back, she began to like him...and now...like doesn't really even describe the way she felt toward him that much anymore.

Sighing dreamily and with stars in her eyes, she began to write on her textbook. "If only you were mine...even if it was just for a millisecond," she whispered silently, inaudible to everyone but herself. But truth be told, she could never get a chance with him. She wasn't popular. Truthfully, Usagi was one of the most unpopular people in the whole school. Though the sixteen-year-old desperately wanted to change that. Usagi never really fully understood why she wasn't popular; she had long, golden-blonde hair that swept down to her ankles and sparkling blue eyes. The girl had a slim figure, though ate as much food as she wanted. However, despite her attractive appearance, Usagi made less than pretty grades. Struggling to hang onto a C plus average, Usagi definitely was not the smartest nor the brightest girl in her school.

Despite her shortcomings, Usagi had a kind, loving family. Her mother and father were supportive, yet sometimes critical about her grades, and of course, Usagi's younger brother Shingo was a brat, like most brothers were.

Shaking away any lingering thoughts concerning her life and future, Usagi focused at the writing on the front cover that said, 'Usagi and Mamoru forever.' "Perfect."
"And what are we thinking about, Miss Tsukino?" the sharp voice of her teacher rang in her head, breaking her out of her thoughts. "Apparently you think this class is too easy, or else why would you go off into dreamland during the middle of my lesson?"
"I..." she trailed off, mouth stumbling for the right excuse. A blush crept up to her now hot cheeks as Usagi found the whole class's eyes on her, some snickering while others shaking their heads. No one really dared to disappoint her...
"I...was clearing my mind..to take in and understand more of the lesson you were to wonderfully teaching," she lied, and the teacher could see it in her eyes.
"Right. And what is that on your textbook?" she asked horridly. The very thought of a student writing on her textbook, that was the last straw. "Let me see it," the middle-aged lady demanded in a cold, unkind tone.

"Iie, I can't," Usagi shot back, and regretted it. The class made weird noises, knowing Usagi was really going to get it now. Lucy, the foreign exchange student sitting next to the blonde, gave her a 'you're dead' look. Usagi gulped, and tried to swallow the lump in her throat, feeling cold all of a sudden. Her muscles were all tense from fright, eyes desperately imploring the bell to sound, which it didn't, much to her displeasure. She silently cursed herself for even writing on her textbook. "I...need it to learn," she lied once more, eyes down for avoid meeting the sharp green gaze of her teacher.
"I'm surprised Usagi. After all, school is going to be over in a couple weeks; summer will be upon us soon...and since when did you care so much about learning anyway?"
Usagi wanted to disappear right there and then, knowing her parents were going to kill her and that she was the laughingstock of the entire school. "I..." she tried to think of the right words. "I...need to pass the final exam...therefore, I need the book."
The teacher shook her head, and exhaled a long breath of air. "Expect your parents to receive a phone call from me tonight," she stated quietly.
"Yes ma'am."

The teacher went back to indulging the class with functions and equations while Usagi sunk low under her desk, and began sulking. 'I'm not going to get out of this easily, that's for sure,' the girl thought sadly. Then something caught her eye. From the corner of her view, she saw Mamoru look back at her, a small smile on his face. His eyes gave her a message, one she didn't quite understand. She smiled back a bit, becoming shy all of a sudden. Mamoru turned away from her, and she shook her head to clear it. 'Wow...,' was the only thing that ran though her mind. For the rest of the school day, she couldn't think of anything else besides his eyes piercing into hers. What were they trying to tell her?

She found out after school. Mamoru was by her locker, along with five other girls, who were his so-called fan club. Usagi's eyes widened. She'd never expected Mamoru to be here, standing there, and supposedly waiting for her! "Mamoru-san, hi," she greeted respectfully. She felt awkward calling him that, but she knew it was more polite and sounded better. "What brings you here?" Her back to Mamoru, Usagi fumbled with the combination lock on her locker.
"You pulled some stunt in math class today," he grinned. "I'd never thought innocent Usagi would do that."
Usagi smiled back. "Well, I guess we always have some hidden things in all of us, right?"
"I suppose. So...what was on that book that you were do desperately trying to cover?" he queried, surprising the life out of Usagi. She pulled the cold, hard cover of the textbook to her more closely, gulping.
"Nothing," she answered quickly.
"Nothing? I don't think so."
Then she realized it. "Is that why you were trying to tell me earlier?"
He nodded, chuckling. "Hai."
"I can't tell you," was her reply, and walked away. Only when his hands grabbed onto her wrist made her stop.
"Why not?" Mamoru deep voice asked, his ocean-blue eyes gazing into her sky-blue eyes. "Afraid?" he whispered to her, so close that she would feel his warm breath on her face.
"H...Hai," she nodded, quivering from his touch. It seemed to spark electricity throughout her body, making her shiver, even though she felt very warm. "I'm scared it will..." She didn't want to say any further, afraid that she would blow her secret crush. "I have to go, gomen." Usagi pulled her wrist from his tight grip and despite her heart yelling at her to tell him and Mamoru's voice calling her back, she ran away. She ran away from what was truly bothering her. If only she knew why he was calling her back...

Mamoru picked up the small black diary, and held it to his chest. The cover said private, but maybe it could give him a clue, and get to know her better. He decided to take it home...and read it. He didn't know why, yet he felt connected to her...somehow...was that possible? "Usagi..." The name felt good to say out.
"Mamoru, let's go!" The girls clutched onto his arms, dragging him along with them as he stared back at the disappearing from of Usagi. "Usagi..."

Usagi raced home in light speed, her heartbeat quickening, and breath short. "I made it...and my secret is safe," she said aloud. Her hands clutched onto her math book tighter. Afraid that he might find out sooner or later, Usagi took an eraser and erased it thoroughly. "There. Now...to make a new entry in my diary." Her hands fumble over her books, searching for her precious diary...but she couldn't find it. "Nani?" her voice sounded panicked and shaken. Usagi ran a hand though her golden blonde hair. "If someone reads it...they'll know..everything...about me...and my secret crush on Mamoru..."

Mamoru went straight home to his apartment, book still in hand. He turned on a lamp beside the couch, and sat down with a sigh. "Usagi..looks like I'll find out about you..and your secrets." he opened the book, and began to read the first page. His eyes became wider and wider at every word he read. He book fell from his hands into his lap. "Who would have known..." he murmured...

Dear diary,
I saw him again, like I do everyday. His stormy blue eyes and
dark black hair...sometimes I wonder if he is the perfect guy.
Maybe..or maybe not. But one thing's for certain...I feel that we
were meant to be..in one way or another...
I don't know if it's love, because I barely know him...
But something in my heart tell me so... Yet I suppose I will never be able to
find out... Why? Because to him, I don't even exist.. I know we can be
a good couple together...if only he'd notice me and my feelings for him...
Until my next entry,
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This story written and posted May 2001, edited March 2002 and October 2002.