Title: To Call You Mine
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 3
Rating: G
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Usagi went up the steps, a smile on her face. She tried her best to act natural. "Well, I certainly hope this girl of yours will agree," she said.
"Hai, I do too." Mamoru returned her smile and was about to walk off. Then he remembered something and turned back around. "Here," Mamoru said with a grin, "I believe this is yours." His hands came into contact with her as he gave the small diary back to the blonde.
Mamoru nodded and giving her a wave of his hand, he left, leaving Usagi to fret over her feelings for him. 'He's so kind.' She contemplated and shook her head. Usagi turned the doorknob to her house and went inside, taking one last look at Mamoru, who was walking down the street, back to her. "Goodbye Mamoru...for today."
Once inside, Usagi could hear her mother cooking in the kitchen, humming a soft tune. Not wanting to disturb her, or have her ask about her final, Usagi went up the stairs quietly, careful not to make a peep.

Her room was nice. The sunlight streamed through the open window, casting a golden glow upon the entire area. When she walked in, Usagi instantly plopped onto her bed, giggling dreamily to herself. Luna came in from the hallway and seeing her owner, jumped up onto the bed beside the girl to greet her. Luna's rough tongue made contact with Usagi's hand and she purred softly, rubbing against the blonde. Usagi sighed, picking up the black cat, stroking her head, then scratching her behind the ears. "Oh Luna," Usagi began to say, "I just had the most wonderful afternoon." Luna seemed to understand and purred louder, licking Usagi on the hand again, as if to say, 'I see.'

Usagi put her diary back into her drawer where it belonged. 'I guess Mamoru and I are taking it slow...and that's all right...I'm happy to have him as a friend.' Her thoughts then drifted to the mystery girl that Mamoru had talked about just a few short minutes again, and her mind began to reel in all possible girls he could possibly have been talking about. Her hands slowly counted off the girls that couldn't be right for Mamoru. Then, she contemplated which girls were new friends to Mamoru. For all Usagi knew, she didn't know Mamoru had a new friend who was a girl...except..her. "I couldn't possibly be to he is talking about, can I?" she asked Luna who was now curled up in a ball, taking a nap, softly snoring. "Then who?"

"Usagi!" she heard her mother calling her downstairs and cringed. How did her mother know that she was home? Putting that thought aside, Usagi ran down the stairs.
"Hai, Mom?"
"There you are! So, how was your math final today?" Ikuko asked with a small smile, presently stirring some mixture in a bowl. Usagi grimaced and watched her mother put an egg into the mixture, silent.
"It was all right," she answered. Now, that wasn't all a lie. She did think it was a bit easier than what she had expected. But then, on the other hand, Usagi was still doubtful that she passed.
"I'll find out tomorrow then, won't I?" Ikuko inquired, her eyes staring into Usagi's.
Usagi turned to leave. However, Ikuko stopped her. "You will be attending summer classes at the school this summer, all right?"

Usually, Usagi was disappointed at having the dreaded torture of what people called school ever mentioned, but not this time. A small smile played at her lips as she thought of Mamoru. He had agreed to tutor her, so it must mean that he would be taking summer classes too! Usagi found her heart beating quicker now and she exhaled a deep breath of air to calm it.
"Hai," she answered her mother. "I will try my best too," she added, receiving a look from her mother.
Ikuko had never imagined her daughter to be so happy about summer classes. "Usagi, is there something that you are not telling me?"

Usagi froze and managed to squeak out, "No, of course not."
"Usagi..." Ikuko tapped her foot against the floor.
"Well, a classmate of mine wanted to tutor me, and I–" she hesitated, "I agreed to it."
The blue-haired woman grew thoughtful. "And is this classmate of yours a boy?" she inquired.
"Yes..." Usagi looked down at her feet as she blushed bright red. "But that has nothing to do with it," she blurted out suddenly.
"Oh really?"
Usagi laid down on her bed, hands behind her head, deep in thought. Her feline friend jumped up next to her and purred, rubbing fur off onto the girl's soft sheets. "Mom and Dad are so protective, but at least they agreed to let Mamoru tutor me over the summer," Usagi said thoughtfully, petting Luna.
The cat fixed her eyes upon her master sleepily. "Meow," was the reply.
"I know I will study hard with Mamoru–and make it into a good college if I try hard enough..."

Usagi was hit with a sudden urge to make an entry to her diary and she complied by taking it out of her drawer, opening the cover with a sigh. Taking a pen, she began to make another entry.

Dear diary,
Because of you, Mamoru now knows my secret feelings
for him, and I feel as if I know him a lot better than I
had a few days ago. I thank you for that, I guess. Today,
he said that the girl he was going to ask to the dance was
someone that he didn't know all too well. Could that
girl possibly be me? Oh diary, what I would do if it
was! Tonight, I will dream of it...


Satisfied with her entry, she put it back and laid back down. Pulling the sheets up to her chin, Usagi wondered how the prom would be like. Hopefully, she would have a good time tomorrow. Without another thought, the seventeen-year-old girl fell fast asleep, softly snoring, the moon shining brightly above her.

The next morning, Usagi awoke with a start as the sunlight poured into the room. Today was Wednesday, the day of the prom, and two more days of school remaining before summer. How strange it was, knowing that soon high school, the best four years of her life, would end in just a few days. However, she still had summer classes to look forward to. Usagi could not wait to spend more time with Mamoru.

Still, something bothered her. The blonde still did not have a date to the prom! It would be utterly embarrassing if she were to go alone. Yes, Usagi could just picture it. She would be in a dazzling, expensive dress, walking into the room, everyone staring at her because she was the only one who did not have a date. Even her four best friends, Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Rei had dates. "Maybe something will happen at school today..." she murmured, "hopefully."
Usagi had already gotten her dress and everything, now all she needed was a date.
During lunch, Usagi met up with her friends, who were busy amusing themselves with plans about the dance to be taking place in a few days.
"So," Minako began, "he is going to take me to dinner afterwards!" Her voice was excited and her bright blue eyes danced with happiness. Minako resembled Usagi in many ways, including her looks. She had the same shade of eye color and nearly the same hair color, which she often preferred to tie a red ribbon in it.
Minako, a tall brunette, focused her dark green eyes upon Usagi. "We all have dates and plans for this evening, but what about you?" she pointed out, and the table grew silent.
Usagi smiled weakly. "I'll be fine going by myself," she replied quietly. "It's alright..."
"Oh Usagi-chan," Rei said, "we don't want you to be sad.." Her eyes held sadness in them, seeing one of her best friends dejected.
Ami put a hand on Usagi's shoulder. "Don't worry Usagi-chan, you'll have a great time," she comforted. The short, blue-haired teenager smiled. "You never know."

Usagi sighed and stared down at her food, her appetite gone all of a sudden. "Hai, you're right." The blonde took a small bite of her apple, and putting it down again, chewed thoughtfully. Her eyes averted their gaze from her friends to another certain person who was sitting at the other end of the cafeteria.

Mamoru saw Usagi's eyes on him and smiled at her, making the girl blush bright red. 'Now's the time,' an annoying voice in his head stated. 'You know she's the one you want to ask to the dance; go for it.' Mamoru shook his head doubtfully, almost as if trying to get rid of the voice. His eyes took in the slender form of Usagi, and just then, something clicked. He got up from his table, eyes never taking its gaze off a certain odango-haired girl.

Usagi took in a deep breath to calm herself, and silently scolded herself for staring at Mamoru like that. 'No way...he's coming this way,' her brain registered. 'Run,' her mind commanded but she stayed frozen. Makoto noticed the instant change of behavior of Usagi's and turned around. She gasped loudly before covering her mouth, and made motions to the other girls.

Usagi felt her heart pounding in her rib cage, ready to burst. "Hai?" she asked dazedly, her eyes downcast.
"Could I talk with you after lunch?"
"Sure," she responded.
"Thank you." He gave her one of his charming smiles. "Oh, and did your parents agree for me to tutor you?"
"Yes," was the answer. Was this a dream? Mamoru had wanted to talk with her. Only about what?

The blonde leaned against her locker as she saw Mamoru coming toward her. Her lips formed a soft smile. "What did you want to say to me?"
"Usagi–" the dark-haired student was hesitant, "I don't know you all that well, but–"
"But.." Her breath caught up in her throat and her fingers crossed, she hoped that it was what she had dreamed of.
"Would you please go to the dance with me? As a friend? I can think of no one better to ask than you."

All right, this was a dream, she concluded. The world around her began spinning, and all she could see were the pair of stormy blue eyes burning into hers. She closed her eyes and opened them a second later, half expecting to wake up from this dream. Only when they opened again, she still found herself standing there at her locker, Mamoru standing beside her.
All right, so it wasn't a dream. So the girl found herself sputtering nonsense. This was real. Now the hard part was getting herself to say yes. Somehow, the word just would not come out...
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