Author: I'm BORED! I have literally nothing to do.

Bunny: LIAR!

Author: okay, I do have stuff to do, but it's boring stuff and wont help my boredom. I tried reading random fics typing in such key words as 'school' 'boarding school' and 'sailor moon' (YYH fics) and still, nothing. I am refraining from looking for Yaoi… I'm afraid that's the only thing I find interesting anymore. Do you know how much that sucks?

Random Yaoi Addict: YES!

Author: I've also tried looking for stuff from my favorite authors but my computer's bein a bitch and wont let me access them unless I do this really round about way that does nothing more than annoy me. Incase your wondering, yes my computer's a girl, her name is Katherine. Say hello Katherine.

Katherine: Hello Katherine

Author: she's a bit slow, really she goes so friggin slow I wanna punch her some times.

Setsuna: budum dum dum. That was a terrible pun

Author: It amuses me shut up. And I keep hearing voices calling my name they say "(bleep out real name for security measures)!" it is friggin annoying.

(Story pops up)

Author: Oh, brilliant. Now I find a story that may possibly be interesting but IT'S SOOOOOO LONG!

Willow: well if it's good-

Author: oh don't give me that crap. I am this close (for those of you who cant see Author's hands that's really close) to being ADD, I cant pay attention that long, even if it's the best fic in the world

Marie: well with that attitude your not

Author: sit on it and twist

Cherry: someone's in a bad mood

Author: oh really, what was your first clue? (since the sarcasm, be one with the sarcasm)

(Story is x-eded out of)

Author: false alarm, story no good.

Setsuna: so what are we gonna do with this dialog you wasted?

Author: I was thinking of writing a new story-

Willow: shouldn't you finish a story first

Author: hey! I finished Someday is made for Dreamers, and I'm about to finish Fairy Tales by the Hellsing Family.

Cherry: (lighting a cigarette) she's got a point Author-chan, you do begin a whole bunch of stories

Author: so? I have tons of inspiration but not a lot of guidance. I write what I can and laugh at those who boss me around. Aw F it I'm gonna go find me some Yaoi. Aw never mind, I'm tired I'm going to bed. Pleasant dreams all.

(A Few days pass looks at watch)

Author: I'm back! Did ya miss me?

Setsuna: you took a sentence break

Author: (looks back at page) so I did. Well I thought I might as well use the dialog, even if it was annoying and stuff, but what's a few Ramblings between friends? So I started this story while I was without my computer (me without my computer? Scary thought) so I'm transferring it here. Oh and by the way… it's Yaoi/Shonen-Ai

…Yes, I have become addicted. Like any normal psycho I don't give into my addictions. This can pose problems. I begin o see possible Shonen-Ai stories everywhere. Even if guys/girls walk close to other guys/girls, I see a couple. Dude. So I decided to type this documentary on my life as a Shonen-Ai addict…

I pause in my typing

Marieko: Does that sound too lame? U.U

RedRoseLuver: Naw, a bit creepy, but cool

Marieko: CREEPY?

RedRoseLuver: Yeah…But hey, I got a cool surprise

Marieko: What?

RedRoseLuver: I found this awesome website. It's 'sposed to be a virtual reality gave for Shonen-Ai 2 try and get your fav. characters together. It's really cool!

Sounds Lame

Mariko: I dunno, I'm not really the gaming type …

RedRoseLuver: AW! X.X Just try it out. It's really cool. U get 2 chose their 1st date and U can get Kurama drunk, which is hilarious! Plus U get to see 2 hot guys make out as much as U want!

Well I'm never one to not try something new…

Marieko: I'll try it out

RedRoseLuver: 'NK aw crap mom's home g2g C ya latta

Marieko: 'k over&out

I log off. A message box pops up Grr I hate pop ups. Before I could exit out I realize it was sent from RedRoseLuver. It was a link to the new game. "hmmm…" I muse out loud. I glance at the clock. Mom won't be home for hours.

I click on the link. Another box come up and says "Click here to enter the realm of Shonen-Ai." I click and the screen changes. It had two scroll down bars. One had 'Enter in anime/manga' and the other had 'your chosen character' on it. Under favorite anime I scroll down to YuYu Hakusho. On character I pause. Decisions, decisions… of course not Kuwabara. Jin? No. Kurama? Too obvious. Hiei? Too cold. Koenma? Eww, I'm not a child molester! Yusuke? Puuuuurfect. Mwahahaha! Heh. I click the GO button. 'Welcome to Reality" says the last pop-up before the screen goes blank.

"What the-" I check to make sure my laptop is on full battery. It is. I look back at the screen and another picture appeared. "Huh. Guess it was just loading" The screen is of Yusuke sleeping. "How realistic! This is the best computer animation I've seen." it is then I realize the scene is getting closer and closer. "Dude, what the-" I look around and I'm no longer in my room, I'm in Yusuke's! "Hello? You people know the meaning of VIRTUAL? NOT REAL! Oh bloody hell I'm gonna crash!" I braise myself for the impact that never comes.

I look up and see the ceiling "Okay, that's odd" a voice says "Wait a minute!" that was my voice, only lower… "Oh bloody hell." I curse, as I realize what happened. You ever watch freaky Friday? I'm in friggin' Yusuke's body!

"What the hell?" asks his voice again, only this time I didn't say it

What am I gonna do? I have to alert him of my presence! 'Alert him of my presence'? I really need to get a life. So what approach should I take? All powerful and domineering? To possessed. Pervey and casual? Too Youko. Insanely peppy and annoying? I smile MWAHAHAHA HAHA!

"AHHHH!" he yells jumping up

Oppsie guess I thought too loud. 'Hello?' I think

"What the Hell? I'm hearing voices!"

'and you're talking to yourself, what about it? But I am not some lowly disembodied voice! I have a brain and emotions and my own personality! I am a soul who was sucked into your body via computer and who can share your thoughts and apparently talk for you…Hm. I wonder if I can control your body.' I attempt to raise his arms and I see a hand floating in front of my eyes "Coool" I say.

I stand and go to a little mirror. The face I see is indeed Yusuke. Brown eyes stare back at me "Creepy." his hair is unjelled and tousled from sleep. He is wearing green pajamas that are wrinkled. I breathe in and wrinkle my nose "Dude? Do you know what a shower is?"

It is at that point I was thrown back from control and he resurfaced. I was flying through black space 'Ah! I better land on a couch buster or else I will beat your ass!" Lucky for me or because of me I landed on a very comfortable couch 'oof' I look around me and all I see is dark. 'Creepy' I say, attempting to regain control of the body I reside in. When nothing happened I sighed 'well if I have to stay here for a while I might as well make it less intimidating.'

First I started on the floor. How about wood aaaand…a blue soft carpet? By the time I had finished I had a huge room with light blue walls at the bottom that slowly darkened to a deep purple at the top. The ceiling was also dark purple with sparkly stars. A big round bed was in the middle with a dark blue comforter and lilac pillows…about 20 of them. I had a book shelf with a bunch of my favorites on them (manga included) a table in the corner had my lap top. The couch was of purple velvet. There were no visible lights, but the walls illuminated the room.

I flipped open my laptop and flopped down 'okay baby, you better work.' I pushed the ON button and it came to life 'score!' I shouted. I quickly logged onto the internet in an attempt to find the website that transported me here. An IM box popped up

RedRoseLuver: So how're U liking your visit n Yusuke's head?


No human could do this

RedRoseLuver: That's not important

Marieko: Damn straight it's not, what is important is how I get out of here

It took her a while to reply

RedRoseLuver: You can't go until you finish the game

If I were in an anime steam would be coming from my ears. Oh yeah, I AM in an anime

Marieko: GAME? GAME? YOU CALL THIS A GAME? What if I never see my friends or family again? I will so strangle you as soon as I get my hands around you scrawny little neck!

RedRoseLuver: Calm down


RedRoseLuver: You can get out

That peeked my interest

Marieko: How?

RedRoseLuver: Youko