Author: WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!! The following chapter is almost pure, unadulterated SMUT. If you don't want to read about two guys getting it on… well… I don't know why you are reading this story… but um yeah! No censoring was involved in this fic. You have been warned. So don't go crying to anybody talking smack about "being scarred for life". K? It's just as bad as the smut in "Operation Sexy Boy Love" so, it's not THAT bad. No sex with dogs. Or women. Enjoy the show!!!!

Yusuke knocked on Kurama's door. He fidgeted, nervous and excited at the same time. He wasn't sure what he was expecting.

The door opened and in the archway stood no other than the red head Kurama. 'Of course it would be Kurama' Yusuke thought 'who else would it be?'

"Come in Yusuke." Kurama said holding the door open.

Yusuke cautiously entered the house, half expecting booby (hehe booby) traps at every turn. When he arrived safely to the living room he flopped onto the couch with relief. "I'll be right back." Kurama called, going into the kitchen "Watch TV if you like." Yusuke reached for the remote and pushed the 'on' button. He settled down to watch cartoons. His body instinctively sprawled out, feet over the armrest of the chair.

So enthralled with the television was he, he didn't even notice Kurama come back into the room. He did notice, however, when Kurama crawled on top of him.

Yusuke looked startled and began to say "What-" but Kurama's lips froze his words. Kurama put pressure on Yusuke's lips, raising his torso in doing so.

Yusuke parted his lips and the kitsune's tongue began to explore the new territory. Their tongues battled for dominance, Yusuke sitting up so that Kurama was in his lap as opposed to on top of him.

Kurama's hands found the edge of Yusuke's shirt, slipping beneath them. Hands traveled up the spirit detective's well-toned stomach to his chest. The hands continued to travel, forcing the t-shirt over Yusuke's head, breaking the contact of their lips.

Kurama kissed down Yusuke's neck making his way down to his collar bone. Kurama bit down and sucked, bringing a moan from his lover. The kitsune left his mark behind, going down to Yusuke's chest. He trailed kisses down his lover, going lower and lower. He slid to the floor to sit in between the Spirit Detective's legs. He looked up at him, passion burning in his eyes.

Yusuke leaned down, capturing the red-head's lips with his own. He stripped his mate of his shirt then slipped onto the floor. He straddled his lover, trailing kisses down his neck. He soon reached Kurama's chest and continued his quest down lower. He was stopped by the kitsune's jeans, so instead he looked up at his man. "What…" Kurama cleared his voice "What do you want to do?"

Yusuke smirked "Why you of course."

Kurama smiled and all of the sudden he was on top of Yusuke. The Detective felt hands at his zipper and then he felt his pants disappearing. Kurama kissed the top of his boxers, as his hands stroked up and down Yusuke's hips and legs.

"No fair." Yusuke muttered "I believe you are trying to take advantage of me."

Kurama smiled. "Me? Take advantage of you? Never." He said as he slipped out of his own pants. He stood up, Yusuke in his arms. Yusuke wrapped his legs around Kurama's waist, and his arms wrapped around his neck. Kurama walked down the hall and opened a door. Yusuke knew that door led to Kurama's bedroom.

Kurama threw Yusuke onto the bed, climbing on top of him. They kissed, and for a second the world stopped moving… or at least it felt that way. Kurama pulled off Yusuke's boxers and started to kiss down his hip. He reached Yusuke's manhood and paused. He sighed, and the air made Yusuke shiver. The red head's tongue snaked out and licked his lover's shaft. Yusuke let out a moan.

Kurama took all of it in his mouth, and Yusuke cried out. Kurama sucked and nipped at Yusuke's flesh, his hands stroking up and down Yusuke's sides. Yusuke himself had his back arched, and his eyes were shut "Kurama" he whispered.

Yusuke cried out as his orgasm took over him, Kurama swallowed every drop. Yusuke tangled his fingers in his red haired lover's hair, bringing him up for a kiss. They did so passionately, caressing each other's faces and necks.

"I love you." Yusuke whispered

"I love you too."

Marieko looked at the screen, although she hadn't needed it. She could feel every caress, had been in Yusuke's head the whole time. "Dude." she said. "I really wish I was a guy."

"It's over rated." Said Youko. "You're going invisible."

"Seriously?" she looked at herself, and indeed she was beginning to disappear. "I guess all they needed was an 'I love you'… and I really wanted to see the rest." she pouted.

"Too bad." Youko smirked.

And Marieko disappeared. And reappeared in her bedroom "Wait a sec… this isn't my bedroom…" she turned around and her eyes widened. "OH SHIT!"

Kurama and Yusuke stared at her.

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