This is not a Fairy Tale

An Orientation to Dysfunction

Summary: Not everything is what is seems. Sure on the outside Stella looks like your average teen age fairy who is obsessed with fashion and her boyfriend, but what goes on inside that head of hers? And what would her friends think if they found out? This is a non cutesy, non funny, very serious story by me. Told in Stella's POV

Disclaimer: I think therefore God exists- St. Augustine

Dedication: My friends. Including Lili, Em, Duckie and Titi. Along with the Red Squirrel Army and people who give me positive reviews.

Chapter One: Whoa how my Woes are Blooming

Today is Friday so I have to turn in my journal entries for this week. I'm in a group home for teenagers recovering from eating disorders. My name is Stella Di Solis (1), princess of Solaria and I'm nineteen years old. Here's how I got where I am today.

It all started last year the beginning of summer before our Junior year. Yes our, I have or rather had five friends. We were or maybe are very close. I don't know right now because I'm not allowed any visitors aside from family. I was so excited because I was going to take my friends to my home planet and show them around. We were going to have a wonderful time.

At least that was the plan, but as I found out back when I was in middle school things don't always go as smoothly as you want them to. And I'm not just talking about spells that back fire.

First Tecna's mom had gotten sick and so she decided to head back to Zenith by herself insisting that we have a fun time with out her. Timmy of course went along with her but not without some protesting from Tecna.

Then the space transport for Solaria was delayed and the flight company lost my cosmetics bag. Yes I realize that wasn't as bad as what Tecna was going through, but I should have seen it as an omen- as Bloom would say.

As we arrived at the Solaria International Airport (2) I noticed that a lot had changed. No one seemed as happy as I remembered and even the weather seemed depressed. It was actually raining on the sunshine planet!

I was determined not to let the weather dampen my spirits and neither were my other friends. Musa tried to cheer me up by pointing out how the rain made music on the bus shelter and Flora commented how the flowers would look even brighter under the sun after this shower. So I just sat back and nodded and waited for daddy's limo to pick us up… and waited. And then I called mom and complained about daddy and she sent her limo so my friends and I went to see her first.

I guess looking back my mom's first meeting with my new friends wasn't that bad. I mean she was impressed that I had two friends of royal blood and she was pleased with Flora and Musa's manners. But other than that she seemed off in another world. Of course when I asked her about it she denied that anything was wrong.

My father always used to say that if you want to find out the truth about the goings on in a palace you need to ask the servants. Well he should know since that was how he found out that mom was having an affair with some duke or maybe it was the gardener. Oh who am I kidding it was both.

Well anyway I snuck around after the girls had all settled in for bed that night and found out that my father had just made announcements to remarry. The woman is twenty-five and a former underwear model. Well yeah I guess I'd be depressed about that too. But I was determined to rise above it. And that's precisely what I did. Until three days into the vacation when I brought my friends to meet my father and his fiancée.

End chapter one

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