This is not a Fairy Tale

An Orientation to Dysfunction

Summary: Not everything is what is seems. Sure on the outside Stella looks like your average teen age fairy who is obsessed with fashion and her boyfriend, but what goes on inside that head of hers? And what would her friends think if they found out? This is a non cutesy, non funny, very serious story by me. Told in Stella's POV

Disclaimer: Didn't I say no wire hangers ever!

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Chapter Two: Mommy Dearest.

It was a nice sunny Wednesday morning and my last day with my mom. The rain had finally stopped; mom had taken my friends and I out for dinner the night before and commented on my horrid table manners and how wonderfully Bloom behaved. I made a mental note to add hair removal cream to my former best friend's shampoo and smiled. I continued to smile even when my mom told me to stop eating so much or I'd turn into a fat cow.

But that is another story, right? I wanted my mom to see me at my best. Acting like a young lady and making her proud so I hurried through my shower and make up routine and sifted through my suitcases until I found what I thought would be perfect for breakfast and shopping with my mom and friends. It was a simple pale orange dress with thin straps and a knee length hem. I chose my jewelry and shoes- low heeled gold sandals- with care and went down to the morning room. Where of course mom scolded me for being late and appearing in something so unfashionable.

Layla gave me an odd look, but said nothing. Musa squeezed my hand and Bloom just ignored the comment. I almost couldn't wait to leave my mom and meet the underwear model who was only eight years my senior.

Later, after I had endured more of my mom comparing me with Bloom and Layla, I kidnapped my friends for a tour of the best places in Solaria. Including the Pearl District where the best stores and restaurants were. As Musa and Bloom wandered off to look at a music store Layla cornered me before I could enter my favorite boutique.

She asked me how I was doing with this visit with my mother because my mom seemed to be a real bitch suddenly.

Dear Layla after the way I act towards her and everyone she's still there for me. I should have hugged her, I should have told her that these two days with my mom calling me names and comparing me to my friends and berating me every chance she got was driving me crazy. I should have been honest.

Instead I lied and said everything was just peachy. I couldn't be happier. Layla gave me an odd look then offered to help me pick out something that wouldn't encourage the wrath of Queen Kiara of Solaria. Well you can't say we didn't try.

Mom saw the new clothes and almost literally went to war with me and my clothes She started screaming about how I had disgraced her and the entire kingdom. So I called daddy and had him send someone to come get us as we quickly packed. I could only hope things would get better.


Yes I know a very short chapter, but I'm working on more. Really I am. Just watch.

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