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Chapter 1

Who ARE You?

"Sirius!" James yelled. "My little sister?"

"Oh come off it James. I'm not that little." Jane smiled, leaning on Sirius.

"She's not that much younger than you." Sirius tried to justify.

"He's right James and you know it. Besides, if it has to be one of your friends wouldn't you rather its Sirius than someone else?" Lily distinguished who she was meaning by nodding her head toward Peter, who was sitting alone at the fire.

"Yeah, but…oh never mind. Come on. We don't have class today, so who wants to go to Hogsmade?

"Harry, are you sure were even allowed to be in Hogsmade today?" Hermione asked as they walked toward the deserted village.

"What? Worried we'll get in trouble?" Harry laughed at her. Ron, badly, stifled a laugh. She scolded them with her eyes.

"I'm serious. Harry, how bad would you feel if you get expelled your seventh year?" She asked him, putting it in perspective.

Harry shrugged her warning off as they neared Hogsmade.

"Hey, isn't that, that new shop that Professor Branch told us about?" Jane asked, referring to their Muggle Studies Professor.

"I think so." James said barley glancing at it.

"Hey, James. Look at this." Sirius beamed noticing that Zoko's had a sign boasting their new inventory.

"Awesome!" Jane and James cheered, losing any thought of the Muggles. The three went toward it leaving Lily alone.

"Might as well see if what they have is real." She walked toward it.

"Ron, look at this." Harry pointed toward Zoko's.

"Let's have a look. You coming, Hermione?" Ron asked.

"No. Professor Branch told me the other day that Hogsmade has a Muggle shop here every few years." Hermione said looking around.

"Ok." The boys said as they left her.

Hermione wandered only a few minutes before she found the shop she wanted. She walked and started looking around.

A sign toward the back caught her eye: Muggle Literature.

She made her way through the groups of people until she got to the books.

"A book about Wizards and Dragons? Who would want to read that?" A girl next to Hermione complained, tossing a copy of The Hobbit back into the pile.

Hermione was about to pick it up when a voice caught her attention.

Lily walked into the shop, browsing. She found herself in the back, near some bens filled with various books. She was about to search through it when a voice caught her attention.

"Excuse me?" Lily asked the voice.

"Excuse me?" It called

"What?" Hermione asked. She looked around, searching for who was talking.

"What?" It called

Lily wandered toward the voice. "I'm sorry? What?"

"I'm sorry? What?" It asked.

"Who is this?" Hermione called, assuming it was some sort of ghost.

"Who is this?" It called.

"Lily Evans. Who is this?" She asked, feeling stupid for talking to thin air.

"Lily Evans. Who is this?" It called.

"I'm Hermione Granger." She answered, now feeling nervous.

"I'm Hermione Granger." It answered, now feeling nervous.

"Are you ok?" Lily asked along with the voice.

A bright light flashed, blinding her.

"Are you ok?" Hermione asked along with the voice.

A bright light flashed, blinding her.