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Chapter 3

You ok?

"Hermione?" Ron asked noticing her quick stop.

That must be her name. I must have switched bodies with this Hermione girl. Oh no. I have mid-term finals coming up. I can't have this happening. Lily thought franticly.

"Herm?" Harry asked noticing her silence.

What is going on here? Ok stay calm. Relax you can figure this out. I need to go to the library. Lily thought.

"Hey, Herm? You ok?" Ron asked, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Don't touch me. I don't know what's going, but I'm going to figure it out." She snapped, brushing Ron's arm away and storming off.

"'Don't touch me'?" Ron asked confused.

"Wait herm. Lily!" Harry called after her, praying he was wrong.

Lily turned around shocked. "You knew me this whole time?" She walked back to them. "Why were you calling me Hermione this whole time if you knew--?"

"Wait, if you're Lily…" Ron turned to Harry, "Your Lily?"

"That's just creepy Ron." Harry rolled his eyes at him and turned toward his mother. "M...Lilly, Let's go talk to McGonagall."

They headed for her office.

"Lil? You ok?" Jane asked walking into the girls' room after her.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Why?" Hermione asked. She quickly turned back to the mirror and tried to find a trace of her real self anywhere on Lily's face.

"Potion back fire?" Jane asked.

"Yeah. You know how I am with potions." Hermione shrugged nervously.

"Hmm. Well we should get back to the guys before they start killing each other." Jane didn't seem to be buying it.

"Yeah." Hermione smiled trying to hide her nervousness. Ok, so I'm in Lily Evans' world. Think, Lily. Think. Hermione told herself calmly.

Hermione followed Jane back to their table where James and Sirius were arguing about who knows what.

"I really didn't need to hear that." James made a face.

"It's true." Sirius said in his defense.

"Yeah, but come on. I don't need to hear it." James looked up and saw Hermione was. "Hey, Lil. You ok?" He seemed like a completely different person than he had when he was in their time, or even seconds ago to Sirius. The girls took their seats again.

"Now, what are you two bickering about?" Jane asked, moving closer to Sirius; who took the hint and put his arm around her, to James' obvious disapproval.

"James here says the Cannons are bound to take the cup next year. But anyone with half a brain knows it'll be--" Sirius explained getting riled up again.

"The Irish" Hermione finished simply and started sipping her butterbeer.

"The Irish? Honey, we all know you love the underdog but, come on Lil. The Irish? They haven't won a game in two seasons." James seemed more intrigued that he was actually discussing Quiddich with Lily then that Hermione had actually told him who might win then and would win about fifteen years.

"Hey, third season's the charm." Hermione smiled, trying to play it off, which just caused them to laugh. James kissed her cheek softly, which surprised Hermione; more that he was that open about them and not that it was so sweet. She could feel the heat rush to her face.