Title: What Do You See?

Author: fanofkdc

Summary: Catherine and Greg question Gil and Sara respectively about the GeekLove.

Rating: K, for once.

Author's Note: Going through a bit of writer's block with Seven Go On Holiday, so I thought I'd do a two-parter on how co-workers may view the relationship. Part of the conversations came from bizarre posts in YTDAW '6x24 Way To Go thread' about what Grissom would Sara if he were introducing her to someone.

Part One

Catherine knocked on the door to Gil's office. The door was open, granted, and from his position behind his desk, he had a clear view of any prospective visitors, irregardless of his singing fish hanging over the door.

"Can I help you?" Grissom asked politely, placing his pen down on top of a small stack of papers.

The blonde grinned and made a beeline for a chair. "Not so much you helping me, but me helping you." At his questioning glance, she elaborated. "Well, me grilling you."

Grissom pursed his lips and removed his glasses. "Why don't I like the sound of this?" Catherine and interrogation, in the same sentence - it didn't bode well.

Catherine shrugged and tossed her bangs from her eyes. "I'm a good investigator, and you're very private. Of course you're not going to like me prodding around."

This earned her a wince. "What would Sara think of all this?" he murmured, as much for his own benefit as that of Cath's. "Or did she send you here?"

A fluttery laugh worked its way around the room. "Oh, she's in a similar position with Greg. Think of it as a test for his new-found CSI status. He is questioning your girlfriend, and I'm questioning you."

Grissom managed to look partially affronted. "Sara is not my girlfriend. She's ...". Yeah, that's a damn good point. What is she? My lover? No, too sex-based, not that that's necessarily wrong. There's just more to us than that. Partner? Too ambiguous. Life partner? Ugh, way too New Age. "She's mine," he stated simply. Understanding the nuance of Catherine's glare, he defended himself. "Hey, there's parity, don't worry. I'm hers. You don't honestly think for a second that I could own Sara in any way, do you?"

"I had my doubts." Catherine uncrossed her legs, then crossed them the other way.

"So? What did you want to 'grill' me about?"

"Oh, that. Greg and I, and several other CSIs - okay, the whole night-shift - wanted to know what it is you two see in each other. I said I'd handle you, and Greg was curious as to what made Sara tick. To tell the truth, I think he just wanted some insight. You know, he wanted to put on a middle-aged paunch overnight, affect the need for glasses, grow a beard -" she stopped, getting the impression Gil wasn't all that grateful for the mental image this was conjuring. She grinned sheepishly. "Okay, I overstepped the mark. But aside from a couple of us knowing that you and Sara have been a long time coming, we were interested as to why you got together."

He leaned back, folding his hands in his lap. "So basically, you want to know why I'm attracted to Sara?" He received a nod of affirmation. "And you don't mind the fact that I'll probably end up sounding like a clichéd, soppy old man?" Another positive gesture. "Fine. I can do clichéd exceptionally well." He paused for a moment, an opportunity to gather his thoughts coherently. "Obviously, I find her attractive."

"You fancy the pants off her," Catherine interjected, meriting another glare. She shrugged, signalling for him to continue.

"Okay, I do, but I would have put it a slightly different way, only I don't think that's appropriate for these surroundings. So yes, she's attractive. We've been friends for a very long time, so that kind of takes care of any problems on the 'interraction' front." He heard, and saw, Cath snort in derision. "What?"

"You? Know how to interract? I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

"I know how to interract with her now," he protested. "Besides, we have had that sort of easiness sometimes - the way we seem to bond mentally, finish each other's sentences. Her interests are similar to mine too, so we find it easy to get on, we have a lot in common."

"Do said interests involve a bed?"

"Now I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. I am certainly not going into details of our ... private life," he warned, frowning.

"So you're admitting there are details, then?" she questioned cheekily.

"If you're so desperate to know, then yes, certain said hobbies do involve a bed." Catherine's jaw dropped. "We both enjoy sleeping," he finished, a wicked smile playing upon his lips. "What is the purpose of this inane exercise, anyway?" he thought aloud.

"We're bored," Catherine answered. "Shift is slow and we've had no cases through. Suck it up," she chided. "So, what else? What the hell made you change your mind about the age difference?"

Grissom shrugged. "I don't know. I don't even think age played into after a while. I think one day we flirted once too often, smiled at each other once too often, and I realised that I wanted to wake up to that smile every day for the rest of my life." He pulled a face. "God, I must sound so sentimental."

"Yeah," Cath agreed. "That must be a good sign, I've never seen you like that before." She smiled sympathetically. "Hey, Gil, it's all good, y'know? It's about time someone found happiness around here. But I think your sentimentality's rubbing off on me," she groaned. Composing herself, she continued. "So, what else?"

"She challenges me. She's a formidable intellectual opponent, and she teaches me something new every day. And, in line with my 'control issue,' as several people around here refer to it," he added, shooting her a meaningful look, "I enjoy being able to teach her things. I also, perversely, kinda like the fact that she needs me." He stared at his hands shamefully. "That's a bit ... wrong, isn't it?"

"Hell, no. Not really. At least, not if you look at it in the proper context. You're a teacher, so people coming to you for advice validates you. That she needs you ... it serves to bolster your ego, whether or not you actually admit to having one." She ran a hand through her hair and grinned awkwardly. "What else?"

"I love her."

"No sh ... no kidding," she uttered, changing her mind mid-sentence. "Really?" He nodded. "But I though it was just you and the bugs," she joked.

"Oh, Sara's much more fascinating than bugs, although I never thought I'd hear myself say that. Plus, there's only a handful of guys I could normally talk to about them. But Sara? She has such a curiosity about them, it's good to be able share what I know." He checked his watch. "Are you gonna be much longer? 'Cause I really need to crack on."

"Having a break will do you good," Catherine disagreed. "When'd you two finally get together?"

"It's hard to say. I think Nicky's ordeal had a role in it, partially. Made me realise that life was too short. For a while I was still holding back, but after everything, relations between Sara and I have improved, so I just asked her to breakfast, and it went on from there. Musta been after the last time I saw Lady Heather. But we'd been back on good terms for a month or so."

"What about Sara?"

"She's always waited. Longer than she should have done. And I'm not proud of that," he said before Catherine had a chance to admonish him for his dreadful lack of urgency. "And now, here we are."

Catherine pressed her hands to her knees and stood up. "Well, thanks for your help. I'm going to file my data, so to speak, then compare it to Greg's," she finsihed. "Thanks for your time."

Grissom just watched her leave his office, a bemused expression plastered over his face.