The Winx Club Cast's Twisted Reality

You don't want to know why I did this!

Summary: Yes I know I have a lot of fanfics to update and stuff that I haven't finished chapters to, but bear with me. Because this is funny! It also involves some abuse of Bloom.

Disclaimer: Brandon beating Timmy on Jeopardy- file that under things that will never happen

Dedication: Anyone who is still reading my stories.

The law of floating: Just because you're not supposed to be floating doesn't mean that you can't

Brandon (Up in the air) So true (Crashes on Bloom) Ow!

Bloom: (rubs her head) I can't believe you didn't watch where you were landing!

Well, no one said it would be permanent

The law of gravity: It is entirely possible to levitate

Brandon: (Leaps into the air and stays there) Whoa! Cool!

The second law of gravity: Even if it's just a foot off the bed

Brandon: (seven inches from his bed) Al...most… there!

The law of clothing: You can be freezing wearing a strapless dress, but the moment you transform into your Winx outfit you're warm as toast.

(Places the Winx girls in the Artic Circle)

Stella: Oh yeah! (transforms into her Winx outfit) Yes it worked!

The second law of clothing: Even if the Winx outfit is less than what you were wearing.

Musa: (Transforms into her Winx outfit) Yep that's the facts

The law of bad guys: The more evil you are, the more cliché your behavior is.
Icy: oh shut up! (Thank you Duckie)

The law of being engaged: Even if you are engaged you will still find someone you are more attracted to.

Sky: Yes!

Diaspro: That is so not fair!

Bloom: Oh shut up!

The Law of Girlfriends part one: It is perfectly acceptable to lie to your girlfriend.

Guys: Oh hell yeah!

Girls: Where did you get that from?

The Law of Girlfriends part two: Even if you lie to your girlfriend she will eventually forgive you

Sky and Brandon: Thank El!

The Law of Girlfriends part three: Even if you were lying about your identities and being engaged.

Layla: That is just plain stupid!

This has been part one of Winx Club Twisted reality Stay tuned for part two coming soon and please review